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Midbar Kodesh Temple Religious School celebrates "Yom Sport"

On the last Sunday of Midbar Kodesh Temple's religious school this year, the students took part in “Yom Sport," a morning of field day activities at Paseo Verde Park. "The students always look forward to these sporting events, and the weather made the day perfect," said Cantor Daniel Gale, Director of the Religious School at Midbar Kodesh Temple. Popsicles at the end of the games builds comradery and memories for all. Cantor Gale said that the school year was successful and that next year he and his teachers will be adding other interesting components to the program. Cantor Gale will travel to the CAJE conference this summer, bringing back new ideas to share with his teachers and students.

Cantor Gale is also pleased to announce that his 7th grade students will travel to Los Angeles for the L.A. Museum Overnight Tour in February 2017. The students, accompanied by a parent and their teachers will travel to Los Angeles on Sunday, February 19. After lunch they will visit a local museum, have dinner together and enjoy some free time exploring the sights of L.A. They will stay together at a local hotel and on Monday morning tour the Museum of Tolerance. This is the third trip for MKT Religious school children, their parents and teachers. "This trip builds on the school's Holocaust unit and opens the opportunity for dialogue in the home," said Cantor Gale. The impact of the trip helps set the stage for the students' upcoming B'nei Mitzvah services. Cantor Gale, will be working with almost a dozen students in 2016/2017, preparing them to lead services in front of the congregation, their family and their peers. The trip is underwritten by the David L. Simon Foundation, and is a incredible opportunity for Midbar's students, he said.

For more information on Religious School and B'nei Mitzvah training at Midbar Kodesh Temple contact Cantor Daniel Gale at 702.454.4848.

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