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The David P. Brody Memorial Scholarship

David Brody was a long-time resident of Las Vegas and was involved in commercial real estate development around the country. When he was younger, he attended Jewish camps and was part of Jewish youth movements in the Des Moines, Iowa area. We are blessed to have his legacy

live on in helping our youth attend Jewish summer camps and Israel summer programs. Please be in contact with Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel (702.454.4848) to find out how Midbar Kodesh Temple can help send your student to Jewish summer camp or Israel! Applications open on February 13, 2024, and are due at the MKT office by March 13, 2024. Mail or e-mail to


Find the application HERE

Temple students who benefit from the David P. Brody Memorial Scholarship

The Layni & Scott Rothbort Scholarship

Each year Layni and Scott Rothbort donate funds towards preschool scholarship opportunities for our Midbar Kodesh Temple Early Childhood Center. There is no greater gift than that which molds our future generations.

L’dor v’dor.

The David L. Simon Foundation Scholarship

The David L. Simon Foundation provides scholarship for many Midbar Kodesh Temple students between their 14th and 18th birthday.  Since this scholarship was created several years ago more than 2 dozen students have benefited, but not all Midbar students are eligible.  We are always looking for other sponsors to help with this rewarding project. 


(Israel) Haley Kaminsky Hiking In Israel
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