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Kadima & USY At Midbar Kodesh Temple

Temple USY Students At Disney

Don’t walk in front of me, I MAY NOT FOLLOW. Don’t walk behind me, I MAY NOT LEAD. Just walk beside me and BE MY FRIEND. And TOGETHER we will walk in the ways of Hashem.




Leaders are not born - they are guided, molded and taught. OUR USY and KADIMA groups have provided that connection to Jewish learning, heritage and tikkun olam that will last a lifetime. If we leave no other legacy at Midbar, we can rest content in knowing we are teaching our youth to become great Jewish leaders. Of course, they also have some great fun! From Disneyland, to swim parties, and movie excursions, these kids, who are often as connected as siblings, will forever remember their time as Midbar youth! Kadimaniks and USYers meet for social and social action events. They learn leadership skills, have Israel Awareness programs, host religious educational discussions and just have some plain old fun together!  

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