Jewish learning
that lasts a lifetime

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At The Midbar Kodesh Temple Religious School, Jewish life and community promotes students’ love for Judaism. We live our values and learn the power of actions motivated by belief. 

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Your family's values are Jewish values and learning for a modern life. You want your children to learn and understand the Hebrew language. You love Jewish culture, music, folklore, art, history and stories. You love Israel. We know your values because they're our values too. Midbar Kodesh is your community in learning and celebrating together, so that your family can pass these values on to the next generation. 

Under the leadership of our Religious School Director, Heidi Stidham, we want to share your family's drive for a modern approach to Jewish learning. Your children receive dedicated learning in small class sizes, and their curriculum is designed for their understanding at each grade level. It doesn't matter what your Jewish family looks like or what your level of Jewish knowledge is; we can work with you so that your student gets the Jewish education that fits them. 

Our students are inspired to have Big Ideas. They are inspired to have positive identity. They are inspired by learning that will last a lifetime. Our students are inspired to have a connection to Jews in Las Vegas, across America, in Israel and around the world. And our students inspire our community, so that we can be dedicated to Jewish practice and culture for generations to come.