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Jewish learning
that lasts a lifetime

Rabbi Meir said: When the Israelites came to receive the Torah, God said to them: “Bring me the guarantors that you will observe it.” They answered: “Our ancestors will vouch for us.” God said: “Your guarantors would need guarantors themselves for I have found fault with them.” The Israelites answered: “Then our prophets will vouch for us.” God replied: “I have found fault with them also.” Then the Israelites said: “Let our children be our guarantors.” This was acceptable, and God then gave the Torah to Israel. 

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At Midbar Kodesh Temple our children are our future. Our Religious school is designed to give our children the foundation to build and live Jewish lives latter as adults.  Under the leadership of Cantor Gershon, our updated curriculum focuses on Hebrew decoding, familiarity with and connection to our prayer liturgy, and experiencing the joy of being Jewish through celebrating holidays and shabbat together. Our overall philosophy is to inspire our students to have a love for the Torah, Israel, and the Jewish people, to develop their faith and spiritual connection to God and allow the unique qualities of each student’s Jewish soul to soar.


We hope that our students are excited to learn and to share their ideas, that parents will eagerly participate in school programs and enjoy discovering the joys of Judaism with their children, that teachers & madrichim will enthusiastically approach each lesson as an opportunity for sharing the “sweetness” of Jewish living and learning.  We think that it’s important that you know what your children are learning, so that you can also be an active player in your children’s Jewish education.


We want Judaism to be fun and engaging, with the creativity associated with informal education such as Jewish summer camps. Our curriculum includes music, visual arts, stories, drama, games and more!  We want you and your children to feel that MKT is a second home. Our monthly religious school shabbat services and shabbat and holiday dinners offer an opportunity for your children to show what they’ve learned and offer your entire family an opportunity to be part of the Midbar family as you enjoy shabbat with your MKT community.   

Class sizes are small and are taught by our dedicated teachers along with our madrichim (teen “guides”) to ensure that each of our students can reach their potential at their own pace. Each Sunday, our last half hour will be “kehillah” (community) time, when the school will assemble to sing and learn together.  We welcome and encourage parents to join us!

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