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Welcoming a new (to us) Torah Scroll to Midbar Kodesh Temple

This Shabbat marks a momentous occasion as we extend a heartfelt welcome to a new Sefer Torah within our congregation. Generously donated by the Rosenthal family, this Torah scroll is a testament to the enduring legacy of Saul and Sonia Rosenthal, cherished members of MKT whose devotion to our community remains etched in our hearts.


Within our tradition, we hold both the tangible physicality and the profound teachings encapsulated within the Torah as sacred and revered. The reverence is so deeply ingrained that our Torah scrolls are adorned in special garments and safeguarded within the shelter of the ark. As we reverently circumambulate around the room, the act of kissing the Torah reflects our deep connection to its holiness. In the unfortunate event of a Torah scroll falling, traditions call for fasting or charitable donations, symbolically rectifying any perceived harm.


Yet, beyond the physical attributes of the scroll—its parchment, wooden dowels, embroidered covers, and silver embellishments—reside the timeless words and teachings of the Torah. It stands as a beacon of our religious history, a vessel for our sanctified rituals, a guardian of our hallowed traditions, and a custodian of our sacred culture.


On Shabbat and holidays, we will honor the memory of Saul and Sonia by reading from this new Torah scroll. May their memory serve as a blessing, and may we be privileged to continue hearing and studying the profound words of their Torah for many years to come.



Shabbat Shalom


Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel


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