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Twins Henry Ethan Pack and Ari Michael Pack, sons to Heather and Ed Pack, and younger brothers to Ellie, will be called to the Torah this weekend at Midbar Kodesh Temple. New Jersey grandparents Barbara & Herb Nalitt and Florida grandparents Becky and Harry Pack will join other family and friends from New York, New Jersey, Florida, and the Las Vegas valley in celebration.

Henry and Ari attend a local middle school, participate in honors classes, play competitive lacrosse, and love to ski. Henry wants to go to college on the east coast and possibly study sports medicine. Ari is open to college choices and wants to stay in sports, perhaps as an announcer or professional team manager. The Packs enjoy travel and the boys have visited family in New York, New Jersey and Florida. They spend a lot of time skiing in Park City, Utah.

Henry and Ari are both part of MKT USY and have spent the last few summers attending Camp Alonim. They join others in the B'nei Mitzvah class as members of the David L. Simon Jr. Board, sitting together to decide what charitable gifts to make with the $1000 given to them by the Simon Foundation to help an organization(s) of their choice. The Packs recently traveled with Cantor Gershon and other seventh and eighth grade families on an overnight trip to the Museum of Tolerance and the Pico Union Project.

Henry and Ari both think that one of the most important things we can do is help others in need. They have chosen to help support Jewish Nevada as they join many other Jewish Federations and organizations across the country as we all watch the frightening and heartbreaking conflict in Ukraine. With cities throughout the country under fire, the focus is on protecting and caring for the more than 200,000 Jewish people in Ukraine who are caught in the crossfire. One of the world’s largest Jewish populations, Ukraine is home to many elderly Jews, including thousands of Holocaust survivors. Henry & Ari urge you to consider a donation today to help support those in need in Ukraine.


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