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Gillee and Stacy Sherman with their daughters Emily (15), Sara (12) and Hannah (8) joined Midbar Kodesh Temple in June 2019. After spending their lives in California, growing up in the Los Angeles area, they were all ready for a change. The family escaped the Valley area and relocated to Henderson.

Once settled, the Shermans opened up Guerilla Soccer Las Vegas, a new indoor facility that provides an innovative range of training arenas designed to improve performance for everyone from major club teams to recreation. Aside from spending time at the "jungle", Stacy has been heading up teaching all the kids during home schooling. Gillee spends his time away from the training facility on-line putting together investments in his work as a hard money broker.

Sara and Hannah currently attend Religious School with Sara's Bat Mitzvah just out on the horizon. Emily is on the board of the local USY chapter and loves it. She often participates in leading the weekly on-line Havdalah service. Emily enjoyed traveling with the USYers until the pandemic put USY on-line for virtual Shabbaton weekends.

The Sherman family began making Midbar Kodesh Temple their home, participating in services and events as soon as they joined, only to find themselves, like the rest of the community, on-line for most activities. When it is safe to mingle again, they all look forward to meeting families and making friends as they continue to grow their lives in the Las Vegas valley.


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