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Jewish Learning Proliferates During Pandemic

There are many awful things that have come out of this pandemic, too many to list really. But there are also some positive things that have come out of the pandemic. One of the positive things to come out of the pandemic is the proliferation of Jewish learning opportunities that we now find.

Every day, I receive emails and advertisements for incredible Jewish learning opportunities, many of them free. Many lectures, panels and classes that were once available only locally and usually for a fee are now accessible online for free or for a nominal fee.

I believe there is more Jewish learning going on now, then ever before. The learning that is going on is taking place at all different levels from beginners who have never studied before to intense rabbinic seminars.

We are working hard to bring you many of these opportunities from our own classes like Talmud Tuesdays and Introduction to Judaism to citywide rabbinic panels. Just this week, we introduced a two-month long lectures series by scholars from the Jewish Theological Seminary and the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies. These lectures are free and open to all MKT members. You simply need to register with our unique code. You can find all the information about titles, dates, times and registration on our website

I hope you will take advantage of these great lectures.

As always, please stay safe and well. Wishing everyone a joyous Shabbat. Don’t forget to join us for services either online or in-person to see our cantorial candidate Cantor Elizabeth Bat-Sarah, who will be with us all weekend.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel

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