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ECC Director Wendy Roselinsky Welcomes Kindergarten to Early Childhood Center at Midbar Kodesh Templ

Camp Shemesh at Midbar Kodesh Temple recently finished a successful run at the synagogue and proved to be a model regarding safety protocols to protect the children and staff during the pandemic. Much time was spent with a group made up of doctors, lawyers and educators on the best way to offer a safe environment above the standards set by the CDC. With no touch thermometers in hand, and a morning line up of teachers lifting toddlers out of their child seats and walking them into the building, almost 40 children ages 18 to pre-K and staff enjoyed a 6 week program filled with fun and learning. “We can do this,” said Educational Director Wendy Roselinsky. “We can open the preschool in August.”

When CCSD announced that their classes would be virtual, several of the Kochavim/PreK parents and Mrs. Roselinsky started outlining what would be needed to bring a Kindergarten class at the synagogue. “We already have the safety protocol in place. There is room for the class in the Simon Center wing which is separate from the preschool. I have a teacher available who has 30 years of experience teaching Kindergarten with CCSD. She has her Master’s in Early Childhood Education, which encompasses K-2. This will be a true Kindergarten class as you would see at any of the CCSD elementary schools. And the curriculum will be the Common Core taught by CCSD, plus many of the innovative programming our ECC has offered to our children, including STEAM. We will continue to include Judaic studies where the children will learn more about our rich heritage, the holidays, Shabbat, and Hebrew language.”

The class size at Kindergarten at Midbar Kodesh Temple will be a minimum of 10 children with a maximum of 13. An aide will accompany the teacher. Midbar already has the required licensing it needs as Kindergarten is not required under Nevada state law. Any child who reaches the minimum age requirement can enroll in 1st grade at CCSD schools. Kochavim/PreK parents immediately started the buzz. They are ready to send their children to a familiar and safe environment.

For more information about Kindergarten or the Early Childhood Center at Midbar Kodesh Temple contact Mrs. Roselinsky at 702.454.4848 or go to for registration information for 18 months through Kindergarten age.


Kindergarten and Early Childhood Center Director Wendy Roselinsky, working closely with her teachers, has successfully introduced the STEAM curriculum into the classroom where the children learn through inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking to problem solve and work through the creative process. Children ages 18 months to Kindergarten may be enrolled in classes during the year. Enrollment for 2020-2021 has begun. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to guide students.

Midbar's students enjoy this multi educational approach where math and science are found in the artwork, and technology and biology become a math project. A Desert Tortoise sanctuary and garden have recently been installed on the playground. The Tortoise’s arrival has been put on hold, until Kindergarten and the ECC students have developed their daily routine. Judaica is also introduced through STEAM. Holidays, Shabbat and an appreciation of Israel and our rich Jewish heritage is woven into the daily program. There's plenty of time to explore and time to play as frivolity itself is sometimes the highlight of the day!

Mrs. Roselinsky brings a strong Judaic and non-secular educational background to the ECC. Her formal education includes Judaic and early childhood studies. She is the former Principal at Jeffers and Lummis Elementary Schools and was an administrator for Clark County School District. Mrs. Roselinsky has taught at a local Jewish day school and was a CCSD classroom teacher for more than 2 decades. She has also been a synagogue Youth Director and has been a long time member of Midbar Kodesh Temple. She is married to Alan Roselinsky. Together they have 2 married adult children and 4 grandchildren.

For more information on Kindergarten and the Early Childhood Center at Midbar Kodesh Temple call 702.454.4848 or go on line at Scholarship for first time preschoolers is available through the “Right Start” Scholarship program from Jewish Nevada. Midbar Kodesh Temple also has some funding for ECC scholarship from the Layni and Scott Rothbort Scholarship at Midbar Kodesh Temple.

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