Demian and Jana Gitnacht moved from St. Paul, Minnesota to Las Vegas in November 2018 to be closer t

Demian and Jana Gitnacht moved from St. Paul, Minnesota to Las Vegas in November 2018 to be closer to family who live in Henderson. They met in 2013, were married in 2017, and just welcomed their first child in December last year.

Demian is a physician working in Henderson. He completed his residency in Family Medicine in Minnesota and then completed a fellowship in Occupational & Environmental Medicine and a fellowship in Sleep Medicine. While in Minnesota he also completed his Master’s in Public Health through the University of Minnesota. During this pandemic, he has been seeing patients with COVID-19 both in clinic and virtually from home.

Jana holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing and works with local Las Vegas attorneys and law firms on their digital marketing, managing their websites, online advertising and SEO performance.

Jana said that during quarantine their 5 month old daughter, Abby, has certainly kept them busy. "We made the decision to postpone starting childcare due to the pandemic, so we are juggling careers and parenthood together, as many parents like us are doing." The Gitnachts would love to send Abby to MKT’s ECC when she gets a little older. They began a tradition of taking a family photo each week when they light the Shabbat candles to mark Abby's changes and growth.

The Gitnachts were introduced to MKT by Demian’s parents who have been attending Midbar Kodesh Temple for many years. Jana converted to Judaism in the summer of 2019, after attending Rabbi Tecktiel’s Judaism 101 class. "My love for Judaism truly grew here in MKT’s community and I am so proud to be one of the tribe and a part of the MKT family," said Jana. Rabbi Tecktiel and Cantor Gale officiated at their Jewish wedding following Jana's conversion. Jana said that "in such a short time since we started attending Midbar, many life events have happened for us, and I am truly so grateful for all the love and support we have received from the MKT family. I am excited for us to be able to raise Abby in this community. We miss everyone during this time and send our greetings and love!"

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