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Marci Riceberg Altman and Joel Altman were both raised in Las Vegas and have been members of Midbar

Marci Riceberg Altman and Joel Altman were both raised in Las Vegas and have been members of Midbar Kodesh Temple for almost 2 decades. The Altmans were married at MKT in 2006. Their children Noah, Chase and Dax, younger brothers to Drew, are graduates of Midbar Kodesh Temple's Early Childhood Center. The three are enrolled in MKT Religious School with Noah's Bar Mitzvah scheduled for later this year.

Marci has always been active at Midbar Kodesh Temple, serving as one of the first USY Youth Directors as well as the Religious School Director. She worked in the office as one of MKT's administrative assistants and answers the phone during religious school hours. Marci also plays an integral part as the liaison for Family Promise @ Midbar Kodesh Temple every year. Marci has been a high school special education teacher for CCSD for 15 years and since 2018 has been teaching math of all levels and subjects in high school at New Horizons Academy. These recent weeks she has been teaching remotely to students online and giving individual private lessons to students as well as other teachers. She offers online tutoring services at no charge to any student in the CCSD, private school, or those being homeschooled while quarantined. Marci is daughter to Midbar Kodesh Temple members Janis and Harvey Riceberg and sister to Midbar's Cindy Goussak.

Joel is the Exhibits Director for the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) which facilitates one of the largest conferences in the world providing continuing education for Veterinary Professionals. He works with the vendor partners within the tradeshow space. Joel is currently serving his first term on the MKT Board of Directors. In the last weeks he has "attended" board meetings through zoom and looks forward to working on more projects as soon as the synagogue reopens. Joel is the son of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Bobbi and Hesh Altman and is the brother to Jodi Altman.

Marci and Joel have a strong connection to MKT through L’Dor v Dor, generation to generation. “When we sit in the synagogue with our children and our parents, we feel the connection to our family past and present, and future. It is our hope that this special place is something our children will always want to be a part of.”

While in this time of uncertainty, we keep finding creative, responsible ways to make the best of this time while remaining at home, vigilant in doing our part to flatten the curve.

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