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COVID-19 Changes Family Promise As We Know It

COVID-19 Changes Family Promise As We Know It

  • 21 Families are currently being housed at Siegel Suites, 15 as guests of the motels' owners instead of at local churches and synagogue

  • Because there is no school or family day care, job hunting has become more difficult

What Has Stayed The Same At Family Promise?

  • Family Promise Staff as committed as ever to help the families back on their feet to find jobs and permanent housing

  • Families cannot make it through the month on Food Stamps and auxiliary funds from Family Promise

How Can We Help?

  • As a congregation we will "Adopt" one family per week/month for the

next 3 months to help identify the needs of the specific family and fill the gap. Marci Altman will coordinate that effort

  • Donate funds to Midbar Kodesh Temple that will be sent to Family Promise to help support these families. Marcy Welt will coordinate that effort

Hoping you had a good Passover, enjoyed your family in isolation or by Zoom and Facebook, and are in continued good health. If you can help please send a check in any amount to Midbar Kodesh Temple at 1940 Paseo Verde Parkway and indicate Family Promise on the check, or go to: and put Family Promise in the "In Honor of" space. Your kindness of a one time donation or 3 donations over 3 months will be most appreciated by Family Promise families. Please share this information with your friends and family who you think are able to help at this time.

Marcy Welt and Marci Altman

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