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Cooking and cleaning and so many dishes….

Passover is almost here and for those who turn over their homes and change over all their pots, pans and dishes, the holiday can be overwhelming. On top of all that you have the added headache of trying to figure out what made the Kosher-For-Passover list this year and what did not. Luckily quinoa is still on the permitted list.

There are many resources out there to aid us in planning for the holiday. One of the best resources is the annual Pesach guide put out by the Rabbinical Assembly which you can find here.

The other daunting aspect of the holiday is having to lead a seder. Some of us are rookies and are doing it for the first time and are looking for resources to help us. Others of us are veterans and are looking for fresh material to spice up our seders. There are a lot of resources online to help.

One site, has an incredible compilation of songs, supplements, downloadable haggadot, and more.

There is also a site that gives an comprehensive guide to leading a seder

I hope you find these resources helpful. Please know that I am always available to help in anyway.

Finally, don’t forget our own Passover meals and services this year. We have our annual Community-wide seder on Friday night March 30th sponsored in part by the David L. Simon Foundation. As well as what we are calling our Bonus Passover Meal on April 4th. Both meals are being catered in-house by Chef Aaron Klafter-Phillips. You can make reservations and pay on our website.

If you have not had a chance to sell your chametz, you can find the form here.

Service times for the holiday:

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