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The Mitzvah of A Meal

Would you believe that there are over eleven thousand homeless children in the Clark County School District? One of the consequences of homelessness is hunger. For many of the homeless students the only nutritional meals, or meals at all, they get are breakfast and lunch supplied by the school each day.

Imagine it is Friday afternoon and you are heading back to the shelter, the car, or the couch in someone’s apartment where you will live for the next two days. Where will you get food to nourish you through the weekend? This is the dilemma so many of the homeless students face each week. Luckily there is a program to help. Each week the students can receive a bag of nutritious snacks to take with them over the weekend to tide them over until Monday.

As part of our new initiative for 2018, 52 Weeks of Mitzvot, we are collecting snack items to donate to the program. Over the next couple of weeks, through January 24th, you can purchase the items below and bring them to Midbar Kodesh. On Sunday January 28th at 11 AM we will have a program to pack backpacks full of these snacks for these students.

It is a simple gesture that can go a long way. Over the weekend of January 26-28th we will be hosting Linda Cohen, speaker and author of 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire, and Change Your Life. Linda will share with us the ways that the simple acts of kindness that we do for others can have a profound effect on them, and us.

You can go to our website to register for the Friday night dinner. You can also contact MKT about pre-purchasing the book and accompanying CD.

Items we are collecting:

Bottled Water

Fruit Cups


Fruit Rolls

Apple Sauce

Pop Tarts

Cereal Bars




Cookies/Graham Crackers


All in individual serving sizes. Glass jars or bottles and nuts are not allowed.

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