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Mazel Tov to Ariel Graves!

Ariel Graves

Ariel Graves, daughter to Midbar Kodesh Temple members Mike and Orly Graves, is a part of the 2017 graduating class of The Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Educational Campus. Ariel attended the Early Childhood Center at Midbar Kodesh Temple in Preschool and was a part of MKT USY for several years in middle school. For the past 4 years Ariel has been a part of Tzofim, the Israeli Scouts, and holds a top leadership position this year. This summer Ariel will be flying to Israel with her senior class for 3 weeks. When she returns, Ariel will be continuing her education at The University of Nevada Reno to pursue a career in psychology. Ariel is an exemplary student and has kept a high grade point average throughout high school while balancing several extra curricular and sports activities. Ariel is looking forward to a bright, successful future!

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