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Why is this night different from all other nights?

Passover is upon us. I know this puts a bit of anxiety and dread into many people’s minds, especially those responsible for cleaning the house and preparing the seder meal.

There is a tradition that one is supposed to start preparing for Passover starting thirty days before the holiday. Generally, the day after Purim is the start of that preparation, although no one gave Smiths, Vons and Albertsons that message as the Passover foods have been out for weeks.

As many of you know, we are having our annual first night communal Seder on Monday evening April 10th. Evening services will begin at 5:45 and the Seder will begin at 6:30 PM. Reservations are still open until April 1. To make a reservation go to:

There are many great resources for Passover. One resource is the Rabbinical Assembly Guide to Passover which you can access here: Passover Guide 5777

We offer the service of selling your chametz. You can click here for the form to fill out. Chametz Form

Finally, as with all our holidays, as we are celebrating, we want to make sure those less fortunate than us are also able to celebrate. You can easily donate to the JFSA Food Pantry with a new program we have setup through Amazon.

You can have it shipped directly to:

Jewish Family Services Agency 4794 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite C Las Vegas, NV 89119.

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