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"The Girl From The Garden" is next for MKT Book Club

Midbar Kodesh Temple's monthly book club, meeting at the synagogue at 10 a.m. on December 18, will feature a discussion on "The Girl From The Garden" by an extraordinary new writer, Parnaz Foroutan. Foroutan makes her literary debut with this suspenseful novel of desire, obsession, power and vulnerability, in which a crisis of inheritance leads to the downfall of a wealthy family of Persian Jews in early twentieth-century Iran. Ileen Spoor facilitates Midbar's book club.

Witnessed through the memories of the family’s only surviving daughter, Mahboubeh, now an elderly woman living in Los Angeles, "The Girl from the Garden" unfolds the complex, tragic history of her family in a long-lost Iran of generations past. Haunting, suspenseful and inspired by events in the author’s own family, it is an evocative and poignant exploration of sacrifice, betrayal, and the indelible legacy of the families that forge us.

Want to know more? Contact Ileen Spoor at or call 702-454-4848.

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