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Eagerly Anticipating the New School Year

It’s hard to believe the summer is over. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day and walking house to house on the Shavuot Hop. Some of our kids are already back in school and the majority, those enrolled in CCSD, start Monday. I am excited for our Early Child Center to start up on Monday. We miss the chatter and pitter-patter of the little ones floating down our hallways. I know many parents who are gasping a sigh of relief. Religious School starts up again too this Sunday, and I cannot wait to see everyone and hear about their summers.

I always find it interesting that the Jewish calendar more closely mirrors the school calendar then the secular year calendar. Just as our Jewish New Year is beginning, the new school year is starting up. It seems to pair nicely.

I want to wish all the students, teachers and school administrators a happy and blessed start to the New Year. Even those on the year-round schedule are starting up again after a short break.

May it be a year filled with learning and discovery; filled with new adventures and journeys. May we succeed in filling our students’ minds with not just knowledge, but with the values and ethics to help prepare them to be good citizens and good Jews.

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