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Thank you to MKT's volunteers!

Midbar Kodesh Temple has a long valued history of volunteerism. Over the two decades that the synagogue has been a cornerstone of Green Valley dozens and dozens of congregants have stepped forward to help in all capacities, opening their homes, their hearts and their wallets to help bring the best possible programming and education to the Jewish families of the valley.

Recently the congregation enjoyed exploring the festival of Shavuot together at the annual Shavuot Hop. The holiday commemorates the day that the Torah was brought to the community at Sinai and has become a time of study in most synagogues around the world. At Midbar Kodesh Temple Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel brings contemporary topics to the table as congregants move in progressive dining style to homes in walking distance to the synagogue.

This year David and Suni Schwartz hosted the first portion of the journey. As congregants shared appetizers the discussion turned towards the inclusion of immigrants into our community. Dinner, prepared by MKT past President Susan Schwartz with help from Randy and Ileen Spoor and current MKT President Cindy Goussak, was held at the synagogue. This discussion centered around the inclusion of converts into Jewish life. Cantor Daniel Gale, once again, hosted the dessert gathering where, as the evening came to a close, the inclusion of people with special needs was discussed.

For more information on how to become part of Midbar Kodesh Temple, either through attendance at services, volunteering in the many programs that serve the synagogue families and the community, or participating in educational opportunities for children and adults, contact Andrew Spivak or Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel at 702.454.4848.

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