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Summer Sermon Series: Speaking about God

We don’t talk about God enough. We pray to God, we think about God, but we don’t always discuss God amongst ourselves. As with many things in our tradition, there is no one clear view on God in Judaism. Our understanding of a supernatural being that created the world has evolved over time and through cultures.

This summer, I would like to devote a sermon series to exploring the Jewish understanding of God. We will trace God as described and understood in Biblical times, rabbinic times, medieval times and modern times. We will explore God in the Midrash, Halacha (Jewish Law) and Hassidut.

Each week I will share a text, reading or article for you to read in advance of Shabbat morning, and each Shabbat morning I will address one of the above topics.

The best way to bring God and spirituality into our lives is to educate ourselves about the Jewish concept of a Supreme Being.

Here is a list of dates and topics for this sermon series:

Dates and Topics(click to read):

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