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Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center Preschool Curriculum Information

kids playing at preschool

Your child's education is one of the most important decisions you'll make. That’s why our preschool in Henderson, NV at Midbar Kodesh Temple is dedicated to providing an environment that fosters curiosity and competency in your child while building independence and knowledge about the world. 

A Personalized Approach To Your Child’s Early Education

At our Early Childhood Center (ECC), we emphasize an interactive learning process in a play-based setting. Our dedicated staff understands that each child is a unique person who possesses individual patterns of development. We work to reflect that belief throughout our curriculum and work with the different patterns and learning styles of each child.


The Midbar Kodesh Philosophy

The teaching philosophy at our learning center focuses on educating through active exploration in a rich Jewish context. We believe that learning happens best through interactions with adults, other children, and the environment. 


We see children as curious, competent, and ready to build their independence and knowledge about the world.

Our Early Childhood Center Curriculum

Our teachers work hard to present the curriculum to our students in an engaging format that keeps them curious. Setting up a strong foundation and learning environment for our preschoolers is key to their success as they move into elementary school.


Our curriculum focuses on developmentally appropriate, foundational learning with both religious and secular elements. Here's an overview of the various components involved in our preschool curriculum:


We also spend time developing our student's understanding of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). Our school works hard to foster an environment that supports these studies and promotes the integration of all these specialties throughout the day. 

2. Outdoor Learning

We believe in kids learning to appreciate the world around us by integrating nature into our daily activities. Our outdoor garden is one way we bring learning of the outdoors to our students. Students help staff tend the garden, which is under continual development, as they learn about the important role of nature in their lives.

3. Music

Music enhances our educational goals for your children. Adding a weekly music curriculum to your student's activities helps them relax and have fun while learning about rhythm, instruments, and sounds. We use the Music Together program, which focuses on music and movement to develop their inner musician.

4. Religious Elements

Our preschool provides rich Jewish content for young children that introduces students to Judaica studies and customs, including following kosher diet rules, observing Shabbat, reciting Jewish blessings (Bracha), and Hatikva (Israeli National Anthem). Our teachers integrate Judaica into all areas of education. 

Focusing on Kindergarten Readiness

At the heart of our daily teaching strategies and routines is to prepare your child for their Kindergarten school years. Our education environment for children focuses on all areas of a child's learning, so they are emotionally, academically, and socially prepared for the next step.


Our goal is to enhance your child's natural curiosity in the world and grow their confidence along with their learning. We do this by working with your child on:


  • Following routines and instructions

  • Social awareness

  • Self-help skills

  • Beginning reading and writing skills

  • Learning to express needs

  • Self-hygiene (washing hands, using the bathroom)

  • Separating from parents

  • Listening to a story

  • Developing large and small motor skills

  • Fostering curiosity

Jewish Preschool Near Me

For excellent child care and early education in the Green Valley area of Las Vegas, Midbar Kodesh has everything you need for your child’s success. Combining Jewish culture with current academic standards into one preschool program is what we strive for every day. We believe in fostering each kid's learning style in a supportive environment and exposing them to various avenues of interest. 

Join the special Midbar Kodesh community at our preschool in Las Vegas! If you have any questions about our curriculum or other aspects of our school, please contact us or call our office today.



“Our 2 children have attended MKT’s preschool, and I couldn’t have imagined a better place for them to be. The teachers are fabulous and more like an extension of our family. Between the education they provide to prepare them for Kindergarten to the Jewish education that allows them to recite Shabbat prayers and songs at home, we highly recommend this preschool program!”

Danielle & Cory Weinstein

“We could not imagine a better preschool and second home for our children. The teachers and entire staff are loving, warm, caring, friendly, and supportive. The education received is beyond what a parent could hope for and has helped our son stay ahead in every developmental milestone. As a pediatrician in the community, I couldn’t be more proud to send my son to MKTECC and cannot wait for our daughter to start in Metukeem in August.”

Dr Laura Teisch and Avi Moas

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