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Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center FAQs

At the Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center (ECC), we are dedicated to the development, safety, and wellbeing of your little ones. If you’d like to learn more about our preschool in Henderson, NV, and how we can support your child’s early education in a supportive and nurturing environment, here are some frequently asked questions that will help you get to know us!

  • Can my child attend if they are still in diapers and how do you encourage toilet training at school?
    Diapers are permitted in our Metukeem (18 months) and Dubonim (2 years) rooms. Parents are asked to help provide diapers and wipes throughout the year for their children. When a child is in the process of toilet training, parents and staff work as a team to positively encourage toilet training by using the following guidelines: Students are encouraged to use the toilet through methods of positive reinforcement. Students are never forced to sit for prolonged periods of time. Students will never be punished for wetting or soiling their clothing. Students will not be left unattended on the toilet or in the bathroom. Teachers will assist students in washing their hands with warm soap and water after each use.
  • Does Midbar Kodesh take extra precautions to keep my child safe during the school day?
    We keep the doors to both the school and the synagogue locked at all times to ensure your child’s safety while they are at school.
  • How much is tuition, can I pay in installments and are there any other fees?
    Tuition rates for our Early Childhood Center vary depending on whether your child is enrolled full-time or half-time. You do have the option to pay tuition in 10 equal installments. To ensure we can provide the best care for your little one with dedicated teachers and staff, there is a $250 Placement Fee, a $220 Materials Fee and a $175 Campus Enhancement Fee for enrolled children. These are due with the first payment.
  • What are school hours and is before or aftercare available?
    School starts at 9:00 AM. Student drop-off begins at 8:30 AM. The half-day program will dismiss at 12:30 PM, and the full-day program ends at 3:20 PM. We do offer before and after care options, please contact our team today to learn more!
  • Do children get rest time during the day?
    Full-day programs have a daily scheduled rest period of 30 minutes.

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions about enrollment, school activities, or anything related to our Early Childhood Center, please contact the team today! We’re happy to schedule a tour of our school or discuss our curriculum and approach to help your little ones thrive. We look forward to connecting with your family.


“Our 2 children have attended MKT’s preschool, and I couldn’t have imagined a better place for them to be. The teachers are fabulous and more like an extension of our family. Between the education they provide to prepare them for Kindergarten to the Jewish education that allows them to recite Shabbat prayers and songs at home, we highly recommend this preschool program!”

Danielle & Cory Weinstein

“We could not imagine a better preschool and second home for our children. The teachers and entire staff are loving, warm, caring, friendly, and supportive. The education received is beyond what a parent could hope for and has helped our son stay ahead in every developmental milestone. As a pediatrician in the community, I couldn’t be more proud to send my son to MKTECC and cannot wait for our daughter to start in Metukeem in August.”

Dr Laura Teisch and Avi Moas

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