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Midbar Kodesh Temple Preschool Health & Safety Information


Every day, our staff promotes a healthy education environment for children to keep our learning centers open and your kids in class. The preschool years are a time of physical and social curiosity, but with that comes the possibility of sharing germs.


We’ve implemented rigorous cleaning routines and additional safety measures throughout the learning environment to keep everyone healthy and feeling well. These include:

1. Cleaning and Disinfecting

Our facilities are regularly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected, and both staff and students make handwashing a routine part of their day by:

  • Cleaning the facility, tables, toys, and all other surfaces in the classrooms

  • Washing hands before eating, after using the toilet, and any other time that it’s necessary

2. Rest Time

Rest is essential for little bodies to reenergize and promote a healthy immune system. To limit the spread of germs during rest time:

  • Children provide a personal blanket and pillow for rest time at the beginning of each week

  • Naptime items are to be brought home and washed weekly

3. Food at School

Our Kosher school takes food seriously. Children’s dairy/vegetarian lunches and snacks must follow these guidelines:

  • Lunches and snacks are prepared by families at home and brought to school

  • Sharing food at school is discouraged

  • Caregivers are asked not to pack nuts of any kind in lunches to protect those with allergies

4. Diaper Changing

Regular diaper changes are a part of the routine of our youngest students, and we follow these recommended guidelines:

  • Teachers wash hands before and after changing diapers

  • Gloves are worn and discarded after each diaper change

  • The diaper changing table is cleaned and sanitized after each use

Illness Procedures at Our Early Childhood Center

If your child is unwell, we kindly ask that you keep them home from school to prevent the spread of illness to other students or our teachers and staff. We understand that this can create difficulties for working parents, so we strongly encourage you to have a backup plan in place.


Please keep your child home if experiencing any of the following symptoms:


  • A fever 100.4 degrees or greater

  • Vomiting within 24 hours

  • Diarrhea within 24 hours (Including recurring episodes of diarrhea at school) 

  • Nasal discharge indicative of infection

  • Constant cough or sore throat

  • Uncommon behavior or not acting like themselves

  • A skin rash, excluding diaper rash

  • Head lice

  • Symptoms of a communicable disease like conjunctivitis (pink eye) 


Before sending your child back to school after being sick, please wait 24 hours after symptoms of the illness have subsided or get a note from your child’s doctor.

COVID-19 Protocols for Our Preschool Program

The standards for COVID-19 are constantly evolving. At this time, the school will assess any COVID-19 cases on an individual basis. Please get in touch with the Early Childhood Center director if any of your children in our preschool program test positive, as well as any elementary school children or family members living in the same home.

A Health-Conscious Preschool Near You

When searching for the right child care and early education for your little ones, you’re sure to have questions like:


  • How safe is your preschool in Henderson?

  • What precautions are you taking to keep students healthy?

  • Will your preschool program prepare my child for elementary school?

  • Is there a preschool near me that shares my family values?

  • Are kids learning Judaic principles in addition to the standard curriculum?


Midbar Kodesh Temple preschool in the Green Valley area of Las Vegas is committed to preparing your preschooler for their elementary school years with our comprehensive child care program of both Jewish and secular curricula. We want their early childhood experience to start positive and foster curiosity for years to come in a safe and healthy environment.


“Our 2 children have attended MKT’s preschool, and I couldn’t have imagined a better place for them to be. The teachers are fabulous and more like an extension of our family. Between the education they provide to prepare them for Kindergarten to the Jewish education that allows them to recite Shabbat prayers and songs at home, we highly recommend this preschool program!”

Danielle & Cory Weinstein

“We could not imagine a better preschool and second home for our children. The teachers and entire staff are loving, warm, caring, friendly, and supportive. The education received is beyond what a parent could hope for and has helped our son stay ahead in every developmental milestone. As a pediatrician in the community, I couldn’t be more proud to send my son to MKTECC and cannot wait for our daughter to start in Metukeem in August.”

Dr Laura Teisch and Avi Moas

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