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Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center Preschool Tuition Information

At Midbar Kodesh preschool in Henderson, NV, our passion for exceptional child care and early education lays a strong foundation for future growth and development. 


We believe in a supportive learning environment for all children and work with you to provide childcare that fits your lifestyle, schedule, and budget. To best meet your needs, we offer a variety of tuition options, payment plans, and scholarships to help your child thrive.

Early Childhood Center Tuition

When searching for the right educational environment for children, many parents wonder: What are preschool tuition rates near me? Can I afford a private preschool? Do you offer tuition payment plans or discounts?


For our Henderson preschool tuition, we offer several tuition options depending on:


  1. The age of your child

  2. The number of days your child attends during the week (part-time or full-time)

  3. Full-day or half-day enrollment

Tuition Rates 2021-2022

  • Metukeem (18-month class)

  • Dubonim (2-year old class) 

  • Pilonim (3-year old class) 

  • Kochavim (4-year old class) – (five days per week required - half or full days)

Tuition payments for our preschool program begin on July 20th for the following year. Payments can be made in one lump sum or spread out over ten equal payments throughout the year, automatically deducted each month.


In addition to tuition, we also charge a $250 placement fee and a $200 materials fee to help us provide the best care and materials to support your little ones on their educational journey.

Tuition Discounts

If you choose to pay tuition in full for the year, a 5% discount will be applied. Also, if you have more than one child enrolled in our Early Childhood Center, a 5% discount is credited to the least expensive tuition rate.

Scholarships at Midbar Kodesh

We have many generous donors that provide educational funds to support students at our Las Vegas preschool. We want everyone to have an equal opportunity for an education that supports their beliefs in a warm learning environment.

We encourage families to apply as their needs require and visit our scholarships page for more information about applying for scholarship funds.

Other Financial Support Opportunities

Is Preschool Tuition Tax Deductible?

Private preschool tuition, in general, is not tax-deductible. But, in the case of child care expenses for children in preschool or below the kindergarten level, parents or guardians can claim money used to cover the care of their children for the child tax credit.

Learn More About Midbar Kodesh Preschool Tuition Rates

For more information about tuition rates at our Green Valley location and to learn about our exceptional educational environment for children, please contact our Midbar Kodesh team for details or register your child today. 


We know you want the best for your kids —and so do we! At Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center, your little ones can learn and grow in confidence as part of our thriving community that supports kids learning and development. We look forward to working with your family.



“Our 2 children have attended MKT’s preschool, and I couldn’t have imagined a better place for them to be. The teachers are fabulous and more like an extension of our family. Between the education they provide to prepare them for Kindergarten to the Jewish education that allows them to recite Shabbat prayers and songs at home, we highly recommend this preschool program!”

Danielle & Cory Weinstein

“We could not imagine a better preschool and second home for our children. The teachers and entire staff are loving, warm, caring, friendly, and supportive. The education received is beyond what a parent could hope for and has helped our son stay ahead in every developmental milestone. As a pediatrician in the community, I couldn’t be more proud to send my son to MKTECC and cannot wait for our daughter to start in Metukeem in August.”

Dr Laura Teisch and Avi Moas

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