A Shout Out to Our Members

All of our members are fabulous, but sometimes there is added recognition to share: Congratulations to our very own Midbar Kodesh physician members for being recognized in the August 2020 Desert Companion issue highlighting Top Docs: Dr. Howard Baron Dr. Neil Braunstein Dr. Stephen Miller Dr. Edmond Pack Dr. Jeff Roth Dr. Kent Wellish To see the entire issue, please click here. Congratulations to Susan Schwartz, International Association of Exhibits and Events, 2020 Legend of the industry. To read more of t his impressive achievement, click here.

Elul Z'man

This week we start the Hebrew month of Elul. Elul is a special month of the calendar. It is the month that leads us into the High Holidays. Around the world the month of Elul is observed in many different ways. In Israel and in many Yeshivot it is called Elul Z’man, or Elul Time. The official academic calendar does not begin until after the holidays, so this month is treated as a distinct time of learning. Many use the month of Elul to focus on deep, personal, introspection to get in the right spiritual and emotional condition to take ourselves into the Days of Awe. Each morning of Elul we sound the shofar at the end of minyan as a physical reminder, a wake-up call, to beginning this proces

Our Midbar Kodesh Family

Hesh and Bobbi Altman have been in Las Vegas for 42 years this summer, arriving in 118 degrees, the hottest July 30th on record. They made an auspicious entrance on the final stretch of Boulder Highway, as their new Volkswagon camper van’s a/c started spitting ice and a little fire. Hesh was to start a 4 year assignment at Nellis Air Force base after spending time with the Air Force in Belgium, where they experienced a Rosh Hashanah community service at the massive Brussels Opera House. The services were in French, Dutch, English and Hebrew and offered a very unique experience. After a month in a Las Vegas hotel with young Joel and Jodi, they were able to move into their new home and get the

A Shared Spiritual Moment

Over the past several months many of us having been longing for Jewish spiritual connections. Our own Midbar Kodesh Temple serves all of us as a sacred space to pray, reflect, contemplate, and meditate. Sadly, because of the Coronavirus, many of us have not been able to access this special space. Though we have opened to in-person on Friday nights, not everyone is ready to venture in. We know that although we plan to have in-person and live streamed services for the High Holidays, many will still not feel comfortable being in public and watching on a computer screen often lacks the desired holiness for which we yearn. Therefore, in the spirit of community togetherness, we want to offer the

Youth Program Leadership

Sharon Diamond, Steven Doctors, Nate Diamond and Elizabeth Doctors were recently named as the new staff of Midbar Kodesh Temple’s youth department. Well, not exactly new, rather a return of an awesome team dedicated to promoting education and leadership among the children and teens of the synagogue. You know their names; you know their faces. You have worked with Sharon and Steven in many capacities; you have watched Nate and Elizabeth grow up before your eyes. They are back, working with Youth Commissioner Gail Alcalay and will bring their special brand of ruach to USY and Kadima. Steven Doctors served as the Director and Advisor for MKT USY on and off for the past decade. Sharon took on th

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