We’ve made it easy.

Never before has it been easier to attend morning minyan and Shabbat and holiday services at Midbar Kodesh Temple. Like to sleep in each morning? Morning minyan is now at 8:00 AM instead of 7:00 AM. Too tired after Shabbat dinner to get in the car and come to MKT? Don’t like to have to shower and get all dressed up? Too hot to get in the car and drive to MKT? Don’t like to drive at night? Now, you can stream in from the comfort of your own homes. Don’t have a prayer book? We have one you can download, and we also show it on the screen during services. It does take a bit of technological knowledge to figure out how to sign-in to our Zoom room, but once you have it figured out, it is

Richard & Suzy Erlich joined Midbar Kodesh Temple when they arrived in Las Vegas from Kotzebue,

Richard & Suzy Erlich joined Midbar Kodesh Temple when they arrived in Las Vegas from Kotzebue, Alaska in 2010. Kotzebue is 30 miles above the Arctic Circle and Rick says that "we really could see Russia from our front door!" The city itself had about 3200 people when the Erlichs left the area. Rick and Suzy are both retired. Suzy served as the General Manager of KOTZ Radio, the only public radio station in the area with a broadcast area to Russia. She also served as Chairman of the Northwest Arctic Borough Assembly, the regional government that oversees more than 39,000 square acres of land and water. Suzy was also the President of the local non-profit organization which was responsible for

Members of Midbar Kodesh Temple since 2011 Linda and Haskell Deutsch

Members of Midbar Kodesh Temple since 2011 Linda and Haskell Deutsch were born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Las Vegas in 2000, with stops along the way in New Jersey and South Florida. They are both retired and now play video poker professionally. Linda was a systems analyst for a publishing company. Haskell was a director of claims and insurance in the maritime industry. They have 2 adult children. Jeff is the director of the Seminary Co-op bookstore in Chicago and Erica is a local Las Vegas artist. Two grandchildren, Coby and Willow, live in Las Vegas and attend local schools. Haskell is a huge Golden Knights fan. He and Linda enjoy playing bridge and working crossword puzzles.

COVID-19 Changes Family Promise As We Know It

COVID-19 Changes Family Promise As We Know It 21 Families are currently being housed at Siegel Suites, 15 as guests of the motels' owners instead of at local churches and synagogue Because there is no school or family day care, job hunting has become more difficult What Has Stayed The Same At Family Promise? Family Promise Staff as committed as ever to help the families back on their feet to find jobs and permanent housing Families cannot make it through the month on Food Stamps and auxiliary funds from Family Promise How Can We Help? As a congregation we will "Adopt" one family per week/month for the next 3 months to help identify the needs of the specific family and fill the gap. Marci Al

Mazel tov! Max Hadley Wood, son to Midbar Kodesh Temple members Shira and Adam Wood

Max Hadley Wood, son to Midbar Kodesh Temple members Shira and Adam Wood, will celebrate his bar mitzvah with his family and friends, and entire community via Zoom on Saturday, April 18 at 9:00 a.m. His sister, Kate, and grandparents Judie and Neal Lewis (Henderson) and Sarah and Peter Wood (Australia) will be joined by others logging in on Zoom from Nevada, Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia, England and Australia. The Lewis' are long time members of Midbar Kodesh Temple, and we have recently "met" Sarah and Peter in the Zoom Room playing trivia with MKT families! Max is in 7th grade at a local middle school. He is in accelerated math, English and science classes

Midbar Kodesh Temple Members Helping our Community

Midbar Kodesh Temple is built upon the spirit of tikkun olam and in these times of need for our community, our members have stepped up in some remarkable ways. ' MKT members Jeri Weiss and Emily Miller, both students at Adelson Educational Campus (AEC), have been making the world a better place through the printing of 3-D medical devices for local hospitals. Upper School students at AEC are working from home to make medical supplies that can help remedy the shortages as COVID-19 cases escalate in Southern Nevada. Jeri Weiss recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at Midbar Kodesh Temple, and her family are active members of the congregation. Dr. Avi Weiss, Jeri's father and Urology specialist

Midbar Kodesh Temple member, who is also known as Nevada State Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen, has been

While keeping social distancing she has been out and about finding donors, packaged food items and supplies for the Vegas Community Pantry. This is a small, privately run pantry that was started by 3 women who wanted to help their neighbors. The first week after the quarantine was announced, they fed about 100 families by delivering to homes where people are in need. They gather their items together and when they have enough they ask for requests on line. They can't help everyone, but they are doing their share to fill the gap. A little more than a week ago Lesley delivered 100 N95 masks, donated by constituents, to UMC. She makes double use of her time to remind people to fill out their

Midbar Kodesh Temple Worship Services rely on Zoom

Where would we be without Zoom? Like so many businesses, organizations and houses of worship, we have come to rely on Zoom to bring us together. During a time when we are social distancing from one another, the ability to see and talk in real time can be the difference between separation and loneliness and unity and companionship. At MKT, we have been using many methods of connecting from email to Facebook to phone calls. Mostly, we have been using Facebook Live and Zoom. Both Facebook Live and Zoom have their pros and cons. Facebook Live allows us the greatest reach. It lets us get our live message out to many people both while the event is happening as well as long afterword as peopl

Jeffrey Bordelove, a long time Midbar Kodesh Temple member, says he is missing the congregation duri

Rabbi Tecktiel says that "Jeff has been at the heart of MKT since the beginning of the shul. He has taken on the role of usher just about every week when he is at services and has been a stalwart of the morning minyan. He is always ready to greet congregants and strangers with a smile and hello." For more than 2 decades Jeffrey has been at the door on Shabbat mornings and Friday evenings as well, greeting the congregants, making all feel welcome, and giving out prayerbooks. If you get by him, he will deliver the siddur to your seat and wish you a good Shabbas. MKT Co-President Kevin Diamond said that one Friday night he had to arrive early so that he could help set up something. To Kevin's

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