Longing for that Face to Face Contact.

I recently made a reluctant return to Facebook. After swearing it off both literally and figuratively for many years, I was coaxed back in. There were many reasons I left the platform, but one of the biggest reasons was the forced barrier it places against direct, face to face conversation. Social media often emboldens people to share comments and make statements to and about people that they would never do in person. It has given people this false sense of courage and security, even when it is not anonymous. This week’s Torah portion is Parshat Terumah. It contains the blueprints for the building of the Mishkan, Tabernacle which will be the portable sanctuary the Israelites will carry

Early Childhood Center Silent Auction Fundraiser

Come support The Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center by placing a bid in our silent auction! All items are currently in the ECC lobby for viewing. Surprise items will be added throughout the week! Taking bids now through Monday, March 2 at 9am. Winners to be announced live at 3:45 on Monday, March 2. All items have a $25 minimum bid increase. Please reach out to Becky ( or 702-334-1368) if you would like to place a bid on any of the items. Inform her of your maximum bid amount and she will bid for you in $25 increments. She will reach out to all bidders daily to let them know if they have been outbid. Whiskey Set - $600 Value (Picture Below) Jack Daniel’s 70th Anni

A note of thanks from Helene Linden

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Midbar Congregation. I am proud to become a member. I reside in Sun City Anthem with my two dachshunds Dasher and Dancer and have been here for 12 years. I am from Staten Island, New York where I was employed as an Early Childhood teacher for 45 years teaching pre-kindergarten through second grade. I was President of the Staten Island Early Childhood Association, and represented the Public, Private, and Parochial schools for the borough of Staten Island at the NYC Board of Education and the National delegate for the New York State Association of Teacher Educators. I also volunteered and represented the borough as Judges Chair and chaperone for Miss St

Honoring Cindy Goussak

Vegas Born Cindy Goussak, member of Midbar Kodesh Temple, will be honored at a special celebration on March 22, for her vision, leadership and creative work that she has done at Midbar Kodesh T emple and throughout the community. Though born in Las Vegas, Cindy grew up in Winnipeg, and that is the accent you pick up when talking to her. Cindy received her Master's Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and her Bachelor of Arts in Media from the University of Arizona. Cindy is married to Greg Goussak and mother to Ariel and Alyssa. She is the daughter of Sharna Riceberg of blessed memory, and Midbar Kodesh Temple members Harvey and Janis Riceberg. Her brother Danny l

Lend Money, But Don’t Lend It With Interest.

This week we read Parshat Mishpatim, a continuation of the laws given at Sinai. One of the laws mentioned focuses on the simple act of loaning money. We are told, “If you lend money to My people, to the poor among you, do not act toward them as a creditor; exact no interest from them.” This law creates an atmosphere of protection and care for the vulnerable in our community. We learn at least two things from this verse. First, we should be lending money to people to help get them through difficult times, and we should not make it extra burdensome by tacking on interest. Second, when we loan the money, we should not act like a creditor and belittle the debtor. As far back as the late 188

Midbar Kodesh Temple USYers recently flew to Burbank to participate in a weekend kinnus at Temple Al

Midbar Kodesh Temple USYers recently flew to Burbank to participate in a weekend kinnus at Temple Aliyah. During the weekend the teens and staff are home housed and lead services, take meals together and share ideas and conversations in programming designed for teenagers. They make plenty of time to play together too! MKT USY is a program for teens 7th through 12th grade. They are often seen around the synagogue and in different parts of the community helping out, working on Social Action/Tikkun Olam projects or just having fun. For more information on youth programming and teen education at Midbar Kodesh Temple call the synagogue at 702.454.4848 or go to

Early Childhood Center Director Wendy Roselinsky

Early Childhood Center Director Wendy Roselinsky, working closely with her teachers, has successfully introduced the STEAM curriculum into the classroom where the children learn through inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking to problem solve and work through the creative process. Children ages 18 months to pre-K may be enrolled in classes during the year. Enrollment for 2020-2021 will soon begin. There are waiting lists already for some of the classes. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to guide students. Midbar's students enjoy this multi educational approach where math and science are found in the artwork, a

Riley Jacob Cwik, son of Midbar Kodesh Temple member Marc Cwik and Jorie Cooper Cwik, will be called

Riley Jacob Cwik, son of Midbar Kodesh Temple member Marc Cwik and Jorie Cooper Cwik, will be called to the Torah at the synagogue on March 7. Riley's brother, Maxton, and grandparents, Dr. Arnold and Shelly Cwik and Mrs. Susan Cooper, will be joining family and friends from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, New Mexico, Florida, Las Vegas and Henderson in celebration of this special occasion. Riley is a 7th grader at a local middle school excelling in all classes. He would like to go to engineering school. His passion is music and he likes to play the drums when he is not in school or working. Riley participates in his middle school band and plans to take private drum lessons this summer.

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