Meet our newest members: the Wilburn Fam!

Hello Midbar Kodesh, we are the Wilburn Family! Zara (upper left), Hunter (upper right), Jackson (bottom left) and Yoneet and Mike. We recently moved to Henderson from Los Angeles, with a stop over in Tucson for a year. Mike retired from the United States Air Force after a 20 year, highly decorated career, the majority of which he spent flying F-16 fighter jets. He attended UCLA law school after retiring and worked for two big law firms in Los Angeles as an Intellectual Property litigation associate. He currently works for Draken International as a fighter pilot. He helps train our current active Air Force pilots. Yoneet is an attorney who worked at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Offi

Nachamu, Nachamu Comfort, Oh Comfort. How do we find comfort after tragedy?

Nachamu, Nachamu Comfort, Oh Comfort. How do we find comfort after tragedy? Last weekend we commemorated Tisha B’av, the Ninth of Av. Over the course of our long history we have suffered many calamities and disasters. In their wisdom the rabbis coordinated one day to focus on all these tragedies rather than peppering the calendar with days of mourning. Everything from the negative report from the scouts in Biblical times, to the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem in ancient times, to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in Medieval times are included in this one day commemoration. We treat it as an intense day of mourning. We deny ourselves the daily pleasures of life like eating and d

Meet your new USY advisor, Sarah Lev

Hello Midbar Kodesh! My name is Sarah Lev, and I’m the new Youth Group Adviser of our USY chapter. I am so excited to be joining such an awesome group this year. We have so many fun and memorable activities planned and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone! I grew up right here in Las Vegas and attended the Adelson School most of my life. I recently moved back after living in Israel for 7 years, where I studied at the IDC in Herzilya. I learned so much about myself and Israel and I hope to share some of my experience. A few fun facts about me: I have two adorable dogs, I am a Harry Potter expert, sour candy is my weakness and I am a proud Jew and Zionist. This year, we are taking U

Jack Mayer to talk about his recent historic trip to Speyer, Germany.

On Shabbat morning August 3rd, Jack Mayer will speak about his trip to his home town, Speyer, Germany. Jack was born in Speyer in 1930. His family was forced to flee the Nazis in 1938. This past April, Jack was honored to have several memorial stones – called “Stolperstein,” or "stumbling stones,” laid in front of his family’s home. The stones bear the names of his family, their birth dates, and the date they left Speyer. Join us Shabbat morning as Jack shares the story of his life in Germany before he left and the significance of having the stones dedicated during his lifetime. Here is a link to website about the Stolperstein project. Here is a clip

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