Welcome our newest members: the Gitnacht fam!

Hi Midbar Kodesh Family! We're the Gitnacht Family. We recently moved from Minnesota to Vegas at the end of last year and started attending Midbar Kodesh thereafter. We have really loved getting to know the community and have found an amazing home here. Demian works at a hospital here in Henderson and Jana works in marketing. We look forward to being an active part of the Mikbar Kodesh Family!

Shabbat Pesach

Let all who are hungry come and eat, let all who are in need come and share the Pesach meal. Platitudes, clichés, empty promises. Each year when we get to the Magid or storytelling section of the Haggadah, I find myself ruminating about this statement in the Ha Lachma Anya statement. The whole point of the Seder is to relive the Exodus from Egypt; to feel as if we ourselves were slaves and are now free. The message we are to take is that we know what it means to be slaves. We know what it means to be mistreated, and so we should not treat others in that same manner. When we get to this section of the Haggadah, we open the door and declare that all who are hungry should come and eat. Sound

Kitniot Revealed

There is a spectacularly simple definition of Chametz, or leaven. Any mixture of the five grains, wheat, rye, oats, barley and spelt, that are allowed to sit in water for longer than eighteen minutes, begins to rise and is forbidden on Passover. So why can’t I eat rice on Passover? This is where kitniot comes in. I would like to tell you I have a good definition of the word kitniot, or what makes something kitniot, but the proverbial goal-post on this category is constantly moving. The best article I have ever read on the subject was given as a sermon by Rabbi Richard J. Israel of blessed memory. I share it here in its entirety. After reading it you will have a better understanding of th

Finding Common Ground

Back in January of 2014, I participated in one of the most fascinating of my many trips to Israel. A couple of us from the Jewish community joined over twenty evangelical pastors from the Las Vegas area on a ten day tour of Israel. Seventy percent of the time was spent visiting the historic Christian sites throughout the land of Israel. I often quip that it was like I was visiting another country, because I saw sites that I never knew existed. Many were places I had driven by, or stayed next to on previous trips, though was oblivious to them. One of the most incredible benefits of the trip is the lasting relationships I made with some of the evangelical pastors. It is amazing just how our re

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