Passover is coming!!

Tradition holds that one is supposed to begin to prepare for Passover at least thirty days in advance. Purim is over, there is Matzah in the stores and I have begun to study a tractate of Talmud to prepare for the Siyyum Bechorot* that will take place Friday morning April 19th after morning minyan. We are all in Passover readiness mode. Every year I like to bring to your attention several resources to make for an easy and successful Passover. The first is the annual Passover Guide from the Rabbinical Assembly that you can access here: Rabbinical Assembly Annual Passover Guide. It details some of the requirements for cleaning and kashering. It also has some of the latest rulings on differ

What is Purim all about?

We take out the scroll of Esther and read it publicly. Using the information from the Book of Esther, we learn the customs that are related to the holiday. The Book of Esther tells the story of the king of Persia, King Achashverosh and his relationship with the Jews living in his kingdom. One of the king’s courtiers, Haman, is a virulent anti-Semite and he convinces the king that all the Jews should be killed for their evil, treasonous ways. Mordechai the Jew and his niece Esther scheme to thwart the plan, and instead it is Haman and his family that are executed on the very day Haman planned to kill the Jews. What the story is really about is the triumph of a small people who simply wante

Ben Gurion and the Negev

I have spoken frequently about my recent experiences in our partnership region in Israel. Much of what has happened in the Negev since 1948 is because of the influence of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. He had a vision for settling the barren, desolate land. He understood its importance for the safety and vitality of the modern state of Israel. It was important enough to him that once he retired from politics, he and his wife moved to Sde Boker, a kibbutz in the heart of the Negev. On Sunday March 10th at 2:45 PM at the Adelson Educational Campus, there will be a screening of a documentary about Ben Gurion’s life. Doug Seserman, the CEO of American Friends of Ben Gurio


Midbar Kodesh Temple to partner with the Las Vegas Raider’s Stadium to sponsor a Kosher concession stand at the new Stadium. The concession will open late August of 2020 to coincide with the first pre-Season games at the stadium. All profits from the concession will go directly back to Midbar Kodesh Temple. We will need members of the synagogue to volunteer to work at the concession as cooks, register managers, dishwashers and seat runners. The concession will feature our Las Vegas JCC award winning Ribs, Brisket and Baked Beans. After many years of watching Ryan Sterling and Mike Murdock prepare the award winning dishes, soon to be retired Alan Roselinsky and Randy Spoor have agreed to take

An important message from Susan Tecktiel.

Last spring, the Tecktiel family had the privilege of being honored for our ten years in the Henderson community at Midbar Kodesh Temple. We can say, that it’s an exciting time to be part of the Midbar Kodesh Temple, Religious School and Early Childhood Center family. We have experienced incredible growth, we continue to excel in innovative programming, and the vibrancy that exudes from every corner of our campus is electrifying. Such success is only possible through the commitment of time and generosity of our community and volunteers. Though we appreciate the effort of all, we also want to recognize a couple who have gone above and beyond. This year, as part of our Spring Campaign, we ask

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