A Special Exhibit For Midbar Kodesh Temple Members

Holocaust Resource Center Presents: Kindertransport David L. Simon Center for Education and Tikkun Olam at Midbar Kodesh Temple March 14, 15 and March 18, 19 For Reservations Contact Susan Dubin at 702-433-0005 or by email at The Kindertransport Exhibit will be displayed in the David L. Simon Center for Education and Tikkun Olam at Midbar Kodesh Temple on March 14, 15, 18 and 19 for viewing by members of Midbar Kodesh Temple. For more information on this exhibit or to bring a group through the HRC contact Susan Dubin by phone at 702-433-0005 or by email at Some 10,000 children,between the ages of 2 and 17 traveled alone from Germany, Austria, Po

Challah; More than just a loaf of bread.

Challah, that special braided or round egg bread that we set apart for occasions like Shabbat and holidays, is one of the most ubiquitous symbols of Judaism in our culture. But why? How did loaves of bread become such a central part of our customs and traditions? What to do the challahs symbolize? This coming Monday at 7:00 PM, we are having a Challah Bake to learn about challah in our tradition. We will also be using it as an opportunity for gemilut chasidim (acts of loving-kindness). Each family will make one challah for themselves and one to donate to Jewish Family Services. It is not too late to sign up, EVERYONE is welcome (men, women and, children). You can call into the office to make

A Shabbat of Harmony

When I was in Israel in October for the Ramat Hanegev trip, I had the opportunity to attend a unique Kabbalat Shabbat, or Friday evening service that was way out of my comfort zone. Normally, I am a pretty traditional, back to the basics kind of guy when it comes to tefilah, prayer. I tend to avoid what some might call crunchy/granola or hippy-dippy-like worship services as they generally do not appeal to me. But, a close friend of mine was one of the leaders of this particular worship service and it was going to be my only chance to see her. I convinced Ari to come with me to check out the service. It was in the basement of the main Reform synagogue in Jerusalem. When synagogues have

“Build me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them."

Terumah “Build me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them.“ What was going through the minds of the Israelites as they prepared to build the Mishkan, the tabernacle, the portable sanctuary they would use as they travelled through the desert to the Promised Land? As I have been studying the Torah portion this week I am overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia for the Spring of 2010 when we participated in building our own sanctuary here at Midbar Kodesh Temple. I remember meeting with Ze’ev to review the blue prints. I recall sitting in his office and viewing the artist renditions of the renovations and wondering what it would look like when it was complete. I recollect those days and week

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