Finding the Light

As we delve deeper in the winter abyss, and continue to notice the shortened daylight and prolonged darkness, we are blessed with a holiday of hope. Just when we think the darkness of the season is taking over, we pull out the Menorah and light the candles to add brightness and warmth to our nights. Whatever we believe about the history and miracle of Hanukkah, one thing is clear: it is about bringing light to darkness. It is about recognizing that we have some control over our immediate conditions. We can add light and hope to our darkest moments. So important is the mitzvah, the commandment, of lighting the candles that we are told that we may not do anything by the light of those candles.

So Much for Which to Be Thankful​

“I am unworthy of all the kindness that You have so steadfastly shown Your servant…Deliver me, I pray, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau “. Exodus 23:11-12 In each and every one of our lives we have much for which to be thankful. Things might be difficult for us at the moment, economically or socially, physically or spiritually, but if we step back even from our darkest moments we realize that we are blessed with a good life that many through history would envy. We are gifted with a life that many in our own world, our own town, long for daily. In this week’s Torah portion we find Jacob on the eve of reuniting with his estranged brother Esau. After having tricked their fathe

Meet our newest members: Avi and Laura Moas!

Hello, Midbar Kodesh Temple! We are Avi and Laura Moas. Laura is a third year pediatrics resident at UNLV School of Medicine with plans to stay in town next year working as a pediatric hospitalist, and Avi runs a construction and remodeling company here in the valley. We are thrilled to become a part of the Midbar Kodesh Temple family and cannot wait to get to know more of you throughout the next few years.

Meet our newest members: The Ben Kessous Fam!

Hello, Midbar Kodesh Temple! We are Sharon, Naama and Michael Ben Kessous. Sharon runs his own small family business in web Design and marketing. Naama is a second grade teacher at Lamping Elementary School. Michael (18 months) is starting at the Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center, and just became a big brother! We are looking forward to being an active part of the community. We are excited for our boys to be surrounded by great educators and friends.

"The Bridal Chair," by Gloria Goldreich is next up for Book Club at Midbar Kodesh

Midbar Kodesh Temple's monthly book club features selections of contemporary, award winning writings, that appeal to all generations. Please share this info with others who would enjoy participating. Stop in once, or become a regular. Everyone is invited. No charge. Filled with fascinating details about the art world and colorful real-life characters, "The Bridal Chair," by Gloria Goldreich, is brimming with historic personalities from Europe, America and Israel and is a stunning portrait of love, fortitude and the sharp divide between art and real life as seen through the eyes of the loyal and protective daughter of Marc Chagall. Midbar Kodesh Temple's monthly book club will feature a discu

Emissary from Israel to Spend time at Midbar Kodesh Temple

Over the past couple of years, we have had the pleasure of hosting a young emissary, or shinshinim, from Israel at our congregation. The emissaries have been part of the Sh’nat Sherot program in which Israeli teens who have just finished high school take a year off before being drafted into the army and do service. In this case they serve as mini-ambassadors. You may have had the opportunity to meet Eyal Dagan or Raz Calimi, our two previous shinshinim. This year I am pleased to introduce Lilach Sharabi, who will start with us on January 13. Below is her biography. Lilach will be working weekly with our religious school and is also going to participate in programming for the synagogue, and w

Study for the sake of the study

People are always asking me for accessible tools for studying Torah. There is a wonderful project currently on line called simply 929. It is named for the number of chapters in the Bible from Genesis through Chronicles. It is part of an effort to get people to study a chapter a day of Tanakh, Bible. This summer, the first cycle ended and a new one began. Dozens of rabbis, Biblical scholars and educators from all walks of Jewish life have been submitting teachings and commentary along the way. You will find videos, posters, music and more, all related to the chapter of the day. Right now they are in the Book of Exodus, but all the past chapters are accessible. I encourage you to check it out

Choose Life.

One of our worst nightmares has come true. I think every rabbi I know has had a nightmare that someone might show up with a gun to the synagogue on a Shabbat or holiday morning. We have feared someone showing up to perpetrate evil for the sake of hate. We scorn the idea of having a military-like presence outside our doors like may synagogues in Europe. It goes against our image of a safe and secure United States. Like so many other churches and mosques, we want to throw our doors open to the public, to all who wish to come and learn and pray with us. But in the backs of our minds, we feared that something like the massacre that took place in Pittsburgh could happen in our own synagogues. We

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