Mazel Tov Samantha and the Shire family!

Samantha Shire, daughter of Scott and Gail Shire, recently graduated from Green Valley High School with an Advanced Honors diploma. Samantha has been very involved throughout high school. She has been a member of Green Valley’s prestigious speech and debate team for four years. During this time, she served as captain of multiple events, mentored novice competitors, was a finalist at Districts, Counties, State and qualified and competed at Nationals. She has been swimming competitively since she was six and has been on Green Valley’s varsity swim team where she qualified and placed in regionals all four years. This past season, she served as captain of her State Championship team. Samantha

Mazel Tov Tamar Tecktiel for receiving the Layni and Scott Rothbort Judaic College Scholarship!

Tamar Tecktiel, daughter of Susan and Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel, was recently awarded the Layni and Scott Rothbort Judaic College Scholarship for college students of Midbar Kodesh Temple members, taking a course in a Jewish related subject at an accredited college or university. Tamar is a Junior at Indiana University, where she is majoring in Jewish Studies with minors in education and Hebrew. She is president of Sigma Delta Tau, where she encourages her sisters to build a better world through Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam projects. Tamar recently participated in "The Little 500", the largest collegiate race in the United States, attracting 25,000 people to Bloomington every year in celebration o

Summer Book Club and Summer Sermon Series Are Back Again

As the month of May winds down and we settle in for our typically hot summer in Henderson, I am announcing my yearly Summer Book Club and Summer Sermon Series. This year I found two interesting books for us to read together. The first is by author Paul Boorstin, called David and The Philistine Woman. In the book, Boorstin reimagines the epic moments leading up to the battle between David and Goliath. The book gives us a chance to jump back in time and experience the life of the young would-be king during the time of the Israelite and Philistine battles in ancient Israel. We will discuss this book on Sunday morning June 24th at 10 AM. The second is by noted journalist and author Matti Fri

Mazel Tov Rachel and the Fleischer family!

Rachel Sonia Fleischer, daughter of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Magda and Dan Fleischer, graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance. While at Penn State, Rachel was a member of the Schreyer Honors College, Presidential Leadership Academy, and many musical ensembles. In the spring of 2017, Rachel studied abroad in Buenos Aires Argentina where she studied Spanish, International Politics, and was chosen to present and publish her research on democratic consolidation. Throughout her undergraduate career, she interned in both the District and Washington D.C. Offices of Congres

Rabbi Brad's Summer Sermon Series

Midbar Kodesh Temple's Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel again introduces a summer Shabbat series to explore the Perkei Avot - Ethics of our Ancestors. For six Shabbats over the summer, beginning June 16 through August 11 the congregation and those wishing to participate will delve into the lessons of this great work with the help of the commentaries of Rabbis Gordon Tucker and Tamar Eldad-Applebaum and Dr. Martin S. Cohen. One of the most iconic rabbinic texts in our canon of Jewish halachic (Jewish Law) literature is undoubtably Perkei Avot, Ethics of Our Ancestors. Originally termed Mishna Avot as it was the last section of the corpus of the Mishna, it now stands alone as its own text. It is a comp

Book Club: Sunday, June 3rd

Henrietta Ackerland, who entrusted her son, Willie, to a friend who was fleeing Nazi Germany to Israel, longed for the day in which she and her son would be reunited. Private investigator Adam Lapid begins the search and soon realizes that his hunt to unite mother and child is more than a missing person's case and that the investigator soon turns into the one hunted. “Ten Years Gone,” by author Jonathan Dunsky, is an emotional mystery novel full of riveting characters, twists you won't see coming, and heart-wrenching moments. It is the next book selection of Midbar Kodesh Temple’s book club, meeting at the synagogue on Sunday, June 3 at 10:00 a.m. Dunsky, is the author of three crime novels,

The Truth is Always Somewhere In Between

The juxtaposition of the joy of the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and the continued attempts by Hamas to infiltrate Israel through the guise of mass marches and “protests” at the Gaza border, has left me reeling with confusion and angst. I, like I imagine many of you, are torn between our love of Israel and believing in its right to defend herself, and our moral dilemma over what we think transpired at the Gaza border this week. Sadly, the media’s coverage does not help matters. Hamas is adept at using the media to spin its story and Israel has a long history of losing at the PR game. What is the truth? Did the Israeli Army indiscriminately fire live rounds into a peaceful gath

Jerusalem: City of Gold

This weekend we will mark the 51st year since the reunification of the city of Jerusalem. That summer of 1967, when in the midst of the Six Day War, the Israeli military realized it had the opportunity to overtake the Temple mount and push back the Jordanian army, marked an auspicious moment in Jewish history. Not since 70 CE had there been Jewish sovereignty on Har Habayit, Mt. Moriah where the ancient Temples once stood. Despite much controversy and many lives lost, the modern State of Israel has remained steadfast in its resolve to maintain Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people. The Kenesset, Israel’s Parliament, the Prime Minister’s residence and the President’s house,

Mazel Tov Dorothy Eisenberg!

Congratulations to Midbar Kodesh Temple member Dorothy Eisenberg, who was recently honored by Clark County School District administrators and the students, current staff and former educators of the Dorthy Eisenberg Elementary School, in celebration of her upcoming 90th birthday. Dorothy's long-term commitment to the Las Vegas community has been evident in her work to improve education in Las Vegas. In 1991 the elementary school was named for her. Dorothy, spouse of Paul Eisenberg, of blessed memory, is pleased to have a daughter from Israel and a grandson from China travel to Las Vegas to join her in celebration. She has 15 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. As a local political activ

Mazel Tov Sarah!

Sarah Dushoff will graduate with Advanced Honors from Green Valley High School. She has been extremely active in high school participating in Band, Student Council, Mu Alpha Theta, Israel Club and more. Sarah played four years of varsity tennis. She was a member of Midbar Kodesh Temple USY, attended Ma'ayan, and spent summers at Camp Alonim in California. Sarah's parents, Jessica Kartzinel and Matt Dushoff, along with bonus parents David Kartzinel and Stacy Gibrick, are beyond proud of everything she has accomplished and the woman she has become. Sarah looks forward to attending Chapman University's Business Program in the Fall.

Mazel Tov Sammi O.!

Midbar Kodesh Temple USYer and Ma'ayan student Samantha Jeanette Ostrovsky, known to all as Sammi O., will be graduating with honors from Southwest Career and Technical Academy (SWCTA) in May. She is a member of the SWCTA National Honors Society and was recently awarded the Helene and Harold Sussman scholarship from the Public Education Foundation. She previously attended Solomon Schechter Day School and Tarkanian Middle School. Samantha played varsity flag football at Desert Oasis High School and lettered her last 2 seasons. She is an active horseman and competes regularly in Cowboy Mounted Shooting with her partner, Ace. This fall she will continue her education at the University of Nevada

Have your cheesecake and eat it too!

In just a couple of weeks we will celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, the second of our three Pilgrimage Festivals (the first is Passover, the third is Sukkot). Originally an agricultural celebration of the bringing of the first fruits of the spring harvest, the holiday morphed into a celebration of the revelation at Mt. Sinai. In fact, the Torah reading for the first day of Shavuot is the story of the Israelites receiving the Ten Commandments. There is a long-standing tradition to eat dairy foods on Shavuot. There are several different reasons given for the tradition. One reason given is that the Israelites had not yet been given the rules of kashrut. They did not know which animals were

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