Why We Give

Being a hazzan and Jewish educator requires commitment to the Jewish community both in terms of leadership and service. Whether teaching our young people, chanting the ancient melodies of our tradition, or through pastoral work, I am fortunate to serve in a profession that allows me to express my passion and vision for Jewish community in concrete and hopefully meaningful ways. But leadership and service do not end there. I also demonstrate my commitment to Midbar Kodesh Temple and the larger Jewish community by giving financially. As a Jewish professional, I am acutely aware that a community can thrive only through the efforts and giving of those who are committed to its future. Every Shabb

Meet our newest members: the Greenfeig Fam

The Greenfeig family recently moved to Henderson from Cherry Hill, NJ for Sid's employment with MGM arenas. Amy stays home with baby Owen and Lily is a third grader at Lamping Elementary who enjoys dance and acting. Make sure to say "hi!" next time you see them at Midbar Kodesh Temple!

How to celebrate Tashlich at Midbar Kodesh Temple (also: what's Tashlich?)

Tashlich is the symbolic casting off of sins, and for Midbar Kodesh Temple members, it will be observed on Tuesday, September 26 at 5:30 PM at Cornerstone Park at 1600 Wigwam Parkway between Valle Verde and Stephanie. Midbar Kodesh Temple religious school children, their parents and other members of the congregation and community are invited to join and bring a dairy picnic dinner for this short ceremony, which has become a popular shared experience for the members of Midbar Kodesh Temple. Tashlich, literally means "casting off" in Hebrew. The ritual involves symbolically casting off the sins of the previous year by tossing pieces of bread into a body of flowing water. Just as the water car

Check out the newest exhibit in the David L. Simon Center for Education and Tikkun Olam at Midbar Ko

Earlier this year the the Sperling Kronberg Mack Holocaust Resource Center (HRC) moved into the David L. Simon Center for Education and Tikkun Olam, transforming empty classroom space to educational space for the entire community. The renovation of the space spilled out to a redesign for the hallway, now known as the Survivor's Portrait Hallway. A beautiful display of local Holocaust survivors graces the walls, and serves as a permanent tribute to a generation that will soon be gone. In May, the Survivor's Portrait Hallway was dedicated and the HRC hosted a program for Midbar's Religious School children. HRC's Susan Dubin and Myra Berkovits read grade appropriate stories to each classroom.

Mazel tov Alix Goldstein!

Alix Goldstein 2nd on right at International Housing Confernce 2017 Alix Goldstein, daughter of Mark Goldstein and Gail Alcalay, granddaughter of Gay Goldstein and Carol Alcalay and Robert Goldstein and Silvy Alcalay, of blessed memory, completed a Master's degree in Urban Geography at the University of Amsterdam on August 31, 2017. She compiled qualitative research on the connection between ethnic segregation and feelings of belonging to Dutch society among Moroccan and Turkish Dutch communities living in Amsterdam. Alix also was a principle organizer of the first International Social Housing Festival. Many organizations working within the social housing sector, such as social housing as

Hurricanes: What can we do?

We have all been witnessing the devastation that hurricane Harvey has wrought on southeast Texas. As I write this hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida, and there will surely be more need for help. Individuals and whole families have had their entire lives uprooted and lost because of this natural disaster. People often ask, where is God in this hurricane? My answer is God is in our response to the destruction and loss. So, what can we do? As we sit, cool and dry in our homes there is much that can be done. We have partnered with several local churches and businesses to collect items that are in highest demand right now to the people in Houston and its environs. They have arranged

Selichot at Midbar Kodesh Temple

The High Holidays begin at Midbar Kodesh Temple on the evening of September 16 at 8 p.m. when the congregation readies themselves for the Days of Awe with Selichot. For many Jews, the High Holiday season begins with Rosh HaShanah and the start of the new month of Tishrei. Jewish tradition, however, teaches that the preceding month of Elul is a time of soul-searching and reflection to prepare oneself for the magnitude of the Days of Awe. In Hebrew, selichot translates to “forgiveness.” In many ways, the prayers and meditations which make up the Selichot service mirror what are read on the Day of Atonement as individuals look inward and forward to reflect on how they may become a better perso

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