Midbar Kodesh Temple team in the Hot Chocolate Run

Midbar Kodesh Temple members Stuart Stern, Susan Tecktiel, Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel, Abbie Villanueva and Cindy Goussak finished the 15K at this year's Hot Chocolate Run which took runners through the heart of the Las Vegas strip on a recent Sunday morning. The group trained for the run as part of Rabbi Tecktiel's push for physical fitness among his congregants. Rabbi Tecktiel, told the congregation during last high holiday services that he had spent the past year getting off the couch and into the neighborhoods for recreational workouts and took to bike riding to lose weight and help get him into shape. He encouraged others to join him in healthy, active endeavors. This is the second Hot C

"The Keeper of Secrets" is next in the Midbar Kodesh Temple Book Club

"The Keeper of Secrets," by Julie Thomas revealing the loss, love, and secrets of the families who owned a priceless violin is the book being reviewed on Sunday morning, March 12 at 10 a.m. in the Hazak Library Judaica at Midbar Kodesh Temple. The story follows the travels of a 1742 Guarneri del Gesu violin through a generation of families from World War II through Stalinist Russia to the gilded international concerts halls of today. Book review at Midbar Kodesh Temple happens each month with Ileen Spoor as moderator.

Rebekah Winkler's Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Rebekah Winkler and the Winkler family celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in Israel during Hanukkah. The ceremony took place in a temple on top of Masada. She toured Israel with her family for 10 days. They visited many of the sights including Nad Vashem, the museum of remembrance, a very emotional experience. She feels very fortunate to have been able to share this experience with her family. We are very excited that Rebekah chose to spend her Bat Mitzvah at Midbar Kodesh Temple in addition to this celebration in Israel with her family.

The Purim Carnival is coming to Midbar Kodesh Religious School and Early Childhood Center

This year Midbar Kodesh Temple will collect non-perishable canned goods, kosher for Passover non-perishables and other non-perishable kosher items for the JFSA food pantry from Purim to Passover. As part of the mitzvah of giving to charity at Purim and at Passover the congregation and carnival goers can collect food or donate money and/or gift cards for the JFSA food pantry. Colorful bags to fill for the pantry will be given out at the carnival. The JFSA food pantry has experienced about a 30% increase in food requests each month. They have expanded their services to include Kosher food and frozen and cold items as well as toiletries and infant needs, including diapers, formula and baby f

Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center enrolling for Fall 2017 now!

The Early Childhood Center at Midbar Kodesh Temple makes learning fun everyday. Whether it is doing slimey science experiments or learning about current events, each child is prepared for a lifetime of public or private elementary school education with emphasis on intellectual and emotional growth. Jewish values are instilled as the children learn about Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam. Shabbat is celebrated each Friday and the Jewish holidays are front and center as each calendar page is turned. Parent and family participation is encouraged through Club Kehillah, Family Circle and an active PTO. Enrollment is on-going and reservations for the 18 month old through pre-K classes for the 2017-18 sch

Mazel Tov Tobey Brill!

Tobey Mavrick Brill, son of Daniella and Dr. Keith Brill, will be called to the Torah to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in March at Midbar Kodesh Temple. Tobey is now a seventh grade student at a local middle school. He started school at Temple Beth Sholom Early Childhood Center, followed by The Hebrew Academy, and then the Solomon Schecter Day School. He attended Challenger school prior to moving to Henderson. Tobey is a Midbar Kodesh Temple USYer. His Mitzvah project is to raise funds and awareness for Comfort Cases as well as Family Promise of Las Vegas. Tobey is collecting backpacks, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, money and gifts for foster kids. A fundraising BINGO event will take pl

Mi she’nichnas Adar, Marbim B’simcha – When the month of Adar comes in, increase your joy.

On Sunday we will celebrate the new month of Adar. On Adar 14 we will celebrate the festive and joyous holiday of Purim. What is Purim? We take out the Scroll of Esther and read it publicly. Using the information from the Book of Esther, we learn the customs that are related to the holiday. The Scroll of Esther tells the story of the king of Persia, King Achashverosh, and his relationship with the Jews living in his kingdom. One of the king’s courtiers, Haman, is a virulent anti-Semite who convinces the king that all the Jews should be killed for their evil, treasonous ways. Mordechai the Jew and his niece Esther scheme to thwart the plan, and instead it is Haman and his family that are

Mazel tov Carly Broth!

Carly Broth, daughter to Midbar Kodesh Temple members Mitchell and Andrea Broth, will be called to the Torah at the synagogue in March. She will be joined in celebration by family and friends from New York, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and California and of course, by older brother Sam Broth, who joins his parents in taking pride in all of Carly's accomplishments. Carly is a straight A student in 7th grade at a local middle school and is a MKT USYer. She plays volley ball, participates in speech and debate, and musical theatre. She also sits on the student council of her school. For her Mitzvah Project Carly held a trivia event at Midbar raising mo

Tobey Brill needs your help for children in foster care

Tobey Brill, who will become a Bar Mitzvah in March, has been working on his Mitzvah Project, hoping to collect much needed toiletry items for care packages he is making for children in foster care and for Family Promise children. These children often move from home to home, place to place, and they need these items to make the move more comfortable. New, small stuffed animals, also bring much comfort to the children in new situations. Help Tobey with this special project by filling the bins in the ECC school rotunda, or by donating a tax deductible check for his project made out to Midbar Kodesh Temple. Tobey is also hosting a BINGO luncheon at Midbar Kodesh Temple on Sunday, March 26 fro

“For there will never cease to be needy ones in your land, which is why I command you: open your han

It is time to welcome guests into our home at Midbar Kodesh Temple. Not just any guests, but the families we host for Family Promise. Each year we bring in 3-5 families for a week. We house, feed and entertain them as we help them through this difficult transition in their lives. We need your help! We need individuals or families or even two or three families together to bring in and serve dinner We need individuals to stay over-night at MKT We need donations to cover the costs of breakfast and lunch for the families The dates for Family Promise this year are Sunday evening March 26 – Sunday Morning April 2 Please be in touch with Rabbi Tecktiel or Marci Atlman marci

The Shiniest Shining Stars

Some of Midbar Kodesh Temple's shiniest shining stars are some of our smallest and youngest members. This was a busy weekend at Midbar Kodesh Temple and Religious School, and in preparation for the Tu B'Shevat celebration, Corinne and Lainee Villanueva, Kindergarten and ECC students, joined their mom and dad and a few others in setting the tables for over 100 expected guests. The next day found those 100+ guests spread out all over the social hall and front patio area eating lunch, creating art and planting Parsley For Passover seeds. USYer Elizabeth Doctors brought her camera and announced for all to hear..."I love those babies" and snapped away during the festivities. And it was 4th grader

The Traditions of Purim Torah

In just a few short weeks we will revel in the joys of celebrating Purim. Purim is the holiday where we relive the story found in the Book of Esther about the evil Haman’s attempt to wipe out the Jews of the diaspora. We read the Book of Esther, we feast, we put on costumes, and we share food gift baskets with one another and more. We have some exciting things planned for the weekend of Purim that we will roll out to you next week, including our annual Purim carnival and a barbecue lunch. One of my favorite parts of Purim is the tradition of Purim Torah. The Book of Esther is replete with a motif of things being turned on their head. Just when we think we know the plot line or particular

Meeting People Where They Are

It has become a mantra in the 21st century Jewish communal world that if we want to succeed in engaging the next generation we need to work at meeting them where they are, both literally and figuratively. One example is Torah study. In the past, it was not uncommon to hold lunch and learn sessions at people’s offices downtown. But over time, with people’s busy schedules and offices moving out of downtown, it became more difficult to sustain participation. Well, we now have a way to meet people where they are, not matter where they are, to add a little Torah study into their lives. Over the past few months, we have been experimenting with what we call a virtual lunch and learn. You can si

Thank you for an amazing weekend with Rick.

Midbar Kodesh Temple, PJ Library Las Vegas and the David L. Simon Foundation recently joined together to bring musician Rick Recht to the Las Vegas community for an Artist-in-Residence weekend. Rick Recht is one of the most celebrated Jewish artists of our time playing at Shabbat Alive! services and family, religious school, teen, camp, and tot concerts throughout the United States and abroad. Recht is widely recognized as a pioneer of the Jewish rock music genre, elevating the medium of Jewish music as a powerful and effective tool for developing Jewish pride and identity. In addition to his role as an artist, Recht is regarded as a top Jewish educator and song leader in the Jewish world

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