Welcome our newest members: The Schwartzer fam

Hello! We are the Schwartzers. Michael is a Las Vegas native and Jean comes from Tucson, Arizona. We are both practicing attorneys here in Las Vegas. We have two sweet kids named Hayden who is 4 years old and Jacob who is 17 months. They both attend The Midbar Kodesh Temple Early Childhood Center. We have loved meeting all of the kids and families at Midbar Kodesh and we are excited to become a part of the community!

Eagerly Anticipating the New School Year

It’s hard to believe the summer is over. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day and walking house to house on the Shavuot Hop. Some of our kids are already back in school and the majority, those enrolled in CCSD, start Monday. I am excited for our Early Child Center to start up on Monday. We miss the chatter and pitter-patter of the little ones floating down our hallways. I know many parents who are gasping a sigh of relief. Religious School starts up again too this Sunday, and I cannot wait to see everyone and hear about their summers. I always find it interesting that the Jewish calendar more closely mirrors the school calendar then the secular year calendar. J

Why We Give

For more than 2 decades we have been members of Midbar Kodesh Temple, giving what and when we can, aside from the dues that enables us to be members. There are lots of reasons to give. Sense of obligation, pride, community. For our parents. For our children and grandchildren. For your children. For your grandchildren. There are lots of ways to give. With time. With money. Because someone asked. With everyone. Individually. Special Projects. What is needed at the moment. In honor or in memory. But today we want to share a story of giving that began almost 16 years ago. We were a 4 generation MKT family. Many of you might remember that our dad, Leon "Grumps" Horowitz, was the Birthday/Annivera

Last Call: Viva Las Shabbos

Midbar Kodesh Temple gives a last call for reservations for the Welcome Back Shabbat dinner and "Viva Las Shabbos" musical Shabbat on Friday, August 26. The annual dinner has become a favorite with members as it gives families and friends a chance to reconnect as summer ends and school begins. It gives new members and guests a chance to visit and make new friends. The August 26 evening begins at 5:30 p.m. at Tot Shabbat with story telling by PJ Library. Dinner follows at 6 p.m. and the musical service will begin at 7:00 p.m. with Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel and Cantor Daniel Gale. Cantor Gale will be accompanied by Irv Weinberger on guitar and Menashe Glaser on keyboard. The ruach filled ser

Midbar Kodesh Temple announces The Layni & Scott Rothbort Judaic College Scholarship

Midbar Kodesh Temple is proud to announce The Layni & Scott Rothbort Judaic College Scholarship as the newest addition to the portfolio of scholarships available to young adults and students of Midbar Kodesh Temple member families. The scholarship of up to $360 is available to any student taking a course in a Jewish related subject, Hebrew or Yiddish (but not a self-directed independent study) at an accredited college or university. The deadline to apply is April 13, 2017. The scholarship can be applied to either the Fall or Spring semester, and all payments will be made in June. The winner will be determined from a committee comprised of one member of the Rothbort family, the Rabbi and a me

Va'etchanan 5776

How do we lift ourselves from the spirit of mourning and grief surrounding Tisha B’av and the commemoration of the destruction of the ancient Temples in Jerusalem? One way is to host the Jewish version of Valentine’s Day. Less than a week after the 9th of Av, we celebrate Tu B’av – the 15th day of Av. The tradition was that on Yom Kippur afternoon and the 15th of Av, the maidens of Israel would dress all in white and go out into the fields and meet the young masters of Israel and they would create matches. Within a year they would be married. There is an interesting message that I think this practice strives to teach. It is a message that permeates Judaism. Despite pain and anguish; desp

MKT's own Barbara Grisar Raben to become the Hadassah's Desert Mountain Region President

Barbara Grisar Raben, a member of Midbar Kodesh Temple for almost 2 decades, and current President of Jewish Family Services Agency of Las Vegas, will become the Hadassah's Desert Mountain Region President. She will take office at the Region Conference to be held in Las Vegas at the Alexis Park Hotel in December. She is a former Chapter Co-President of Hadassah Southern Nevada and is currently the Organization Vice-President of the Desert-Mountain Region, which serves Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, El Paso and Southern Nevada. Barbara recently returned to Las Vegas from the Hadassah National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia where almost 1000 women from all over the country came togeth

Reimagining Jewish education in the 21st century

Cantor Daniel Gale, Religious School Director at Midbar Kodesh Temple, recently attended New CAJE, a national conference for Jewish educators in Naperville, IL. The four-day conference included a series of lectures and workshops by Jewish educators from around the country. Sessions covered a broad range of topics relevant to Jewish education such as “It’s Not Just About the Program: Thinking about Goals, Programs, and Assessment”, “Avoiding Full Frontal: Teaching Alternatives for Engaged and Interactive Learning”, “Teaching the Beauty of Tefillah through Song”, “Elie Wiesel: Questions and Memory”, “Reading the Book of Jonah”, “Empowering a Culture of Security: Practical Steps for Securing y

The Irony of The Summer Olympics

Over two hundred countries coming together to compete in honest sporting competition, that is the theme of the summer Olympics. It is a concept that dates back to ancient Greece and was revived with the modern Olympics which began in 1896. This summer we are witnessing the thirty-first modern Olympiad. Even before it began there were controversies involving the host city, Rio De Janeiro. From concerns over whether all the venues would be completed, to concerns about money wasted on elaborate arenas, to how the media would portray the back drop of the favelas, or slums that line the city, to the Zika virus and contaminated waterways, it was almost all anyone could talk about. There was al

Why We Give

Hi, we're the Wellish family, and when we joined a newly-formed conservative synagogue in Henderson 19 years ago, little did we know that we would be the recipients of an abundance of gifts. Having just moved to Las Vegas with three young children, we were attracted to Midbar Kodesh. Just by GIVING dues for temple, all of us have RECEIVED lifetime friendships. For our children, their involvement in USY offered the space for a connection with friends outside of their day-to-day lives, opportunities to cultivate their curiosity about Judaism and life in a supportive environment, all while learning leadership skills. Our children GAVE their time to attend Hebrew school, and through commiseratin

Speak Words of Healing

This week we bring our summer sermon series to a close. Among the things we are going to talk about this Shabbat is what practical steps can we take moving forward to try and avoid gossip and speak words of healing. In addition, we will address something that was brought up to me several times by different congregants in response to my talks. When can we share negative truths about someone? Are their times in our lives when it is not only alright to lie, but perhaps mandated that we do. One of the things that I love about Judaism, and perhaps life itself, is that there are no absolutes in life and this applies to sharing unflattering truths as well as outright lies. We will talk about situat

Welcome the newest member of our staff, Paula Soczek!

The next time you call the Midbar Kodesh Temple office, you might hear a new voice on the line. Please help us welcome Paula Soczek to the Midbar Kodesh Temple office staff. Paula moved from Chicago to Las Vegas to be with family. She studied computer programming & business at Control Data Institute and proceeded to work at Rush University Medical Center for over 30 years assuring that patient satisfaction and patient care were a top priority. Paula is looking forward to becoming a member of the Midbar Kodesh Temple family.

Welcome our newest members: The Kaplan-Gloth fam

Hi! We are the Kaplan-Gloth family and we currently live in Southwest Las Vegas. Jason is from Ohio, Brooke is from San Diego and Detroit, and the kids a blessing straight from G-d Himself. Shelby is 6 and Ethan is 5. Jason works at the post office as a Mail Handler and Brooke works as a Video Interpreter at Sorenson Communications. Ethan is busy becoming as strong as his favorite superhero, Spiderman, in karate class. Shelby is learning to ice skate like Elsa. As a family we like to cook, bake, go to movies and bowl. We also have a miniature “zoo” with 3 cats and 3 small reptiles.We have ties to Jewish community near us and now with the Midbar Kodesh Temple community. We are thrilled to be

Welcome our newest members: the Balestreri fam!

Hi! We are the Balestreri family. Alfredo, Ashley, and Alissa. Alfredo is from Northern California, and Ashley is from Southern California. We moved to Vegas the same week in 2000, so it was bashert that we met. We are an interfaith family. Alfredo was raised Catholic, and I was raised Jewish. We have chosen to raise our daughter in the Jewish faith. Alissa is in her 3rd year at the Midbar Kodesh Temple Early Childhood Center. We absolutely love the preschool, and we have felt such a warm welcome as new members of the synagogue. Please don't hesitate to say hello. We would love to meet other young families and make wonderful memories. Make sure to stop by and say "hi" to Ashley, Alfredo and

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