Words Have The Power To Heal

We have been talking a lot over the past few weeks about the damage we can do simply with our words. We focused on how we talk about people and how we talk to people. This week we will shift focus to show that just as words can hurt and destroy, they also have the potential to heal and repair. Athena Staik, Ph.D. a relationship consultant, author, licensed marriage and family therapist shares a list of twenty questions/phrases that we can easily incorporate into our lives to begin the process of mending and reconciliation. I know there is someone(s) in your life this very moment that could benefit from hearing these words from you. Think of ways you can incorporate these words into your

Why We Give

Hi. I'm Ryan Sterling and, this year, I am the Midbar Kodesh Temple Annual Giving Campaign Chairman. I just celebrated twenty years in Las Vegas, and this year, Rina and I will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary, after meeting as teenagers in USY. In April 2017, my son Lev will be called to read from the Torah as a bar mitzvah. Recently, we found out that Lev has the opportunity to celebrate his bar mitzvah in Jerusalem with his cousin, Mia, as she celebrates her bat mitzvah. The whole family, me, my wife Rina, Lev and his younger sister Tzofiya, said yes to a trip to Israel, and we are very excited. But there was never a doubt for us - this would be a second celebration, and we wil

Welcome our newest member: Yakov Savitskiy

Yakov Savitskiy moved to Las Vegas from Georgia in December of 2015 after graduating from Georgia Southern University. Coming from a first generation immigrant family, Yakov came to the US when he was 18 months old from Vilnius, Lithuania and speaks Russian fluently. As an E-Commerce Fulfillment Consultant, he helps online retailers scale and grow their businesses by using fulfillment services and software. He also works with small business owners to help them generate leads through online funnels. Yakov lives on the outskirts of Green Valley and has enjoyed the welcoming community at Midbar Kodesh Temple. He looks forward to being part of the community and continuing to get to know members

Help Midbar Kodesh Temple's Camp MKT collect back to school supplies for foster kids

All month long, Midbar Kodesh Temple's Early Childhood Center students and Camp MKT Campers are collecting school supplies to help children in the Clark County foster care system. Now, they need your help. You can donate new, unused school supplies at Midbar Kodesh Temple and help make this our best collection drive yet. Want more information about Midbar Kodesh Temple's Early Childhood Center? Click here.

Welcome our new members: Jon and Sean Meltzer

My name is Jon Meltzer. I graduated from Indiana university in 1987. I was a criminal justice major. I spent a year in Israel from 1987 to 1988. I lived on Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet for 5 months and then traveled throughout Israel for 5 months. After that, I traveled throughout Europe for 2 months. Upon my return to Chicago, I studied Accounting. In 1996, I became a Massage Therapist and am still practicing. I work at the Palms hotel. I am recently divorced. I have a beautiful 5 year old son. His name is Sean. I am new to Las Vegas but love it. We are so excited to be members of Midbar Kodesh Temple and meet the families in this great community. Make sure to stop by and say "hi" to Jon and Sean

Thank you to MKT's volunteers!

Midbar Kodesh Temple has a long valued history of volunteerism. Over the two decades that the synagogue has been a cornerstone of Green Valley dozens and dozens of congregants have stepped forward to help in all capacities, opening their homes, their hearts and their wallets to help bring the best possible programming and education to the Jewish families of the valley. Recently the congregation enjoyed exploring the festival of Shavuot together at the annual Shavuot Hop. The holiday commemorates the day that the Torah was brought to the community at Sinai and has become a time of study in most synagogues around the world. At Midbar Kodesh Temple Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel brings contemporary

Do we have the right to privacy?

With the proliferation of tabloid news sites, websites, social media pages and reality tv, it would seem that we have no right to privacy. Is it possible that one has no right to protect themselves from salacious gossip – even true gossip? When does one person’s right to freedom of speech trump another’s right to confidentiality? How do we quantify damage to reputation? What does Judaism have to say about all this? These are the topics we will address this Shabbat morning as we continue with Part II of the Summer Sermon Series on Words that Hurt, Words that Heal. This week’s topic is entitled, “How We Speak About Others.” In anticipation of the talk, please take a few moments to perus

Mazel Tov Noah Gale!

Noah Gale, son of Midbar Kodesh Temple's Cantor Daniel Gale and Erica Light, has been accepted into the University of Michigan's Rackham Graduate School of Statistics. He begins work this fall toward a Master's Degree in Applied Statistics. Noah graduated with an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Mazel Tov Rena Goldstein!

Rena Goldstein, daughter of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Mark Goldstein and Gail Alcalay, completed her Master of Philosophy and her Master of Education from California State University, Los Angeles. While completing her graduate course work, Rena worked as a graduate assistant in the Department of Philosophy, as well as a tutor and graduate assistant in the University Writing Center. She is currently applying for adjunct positions at community colleges and state universities in the Los Angeles area. She aspires to complete a PhD in Philosophy, and later to teach as a professor and researcher.

Mazel Tov Erica Fieldman!

Erica Fieldman, daughter of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Amy Fieldman and Barry Fieldman, recently graduated from LIM College in New York with bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing. Erica, who just returned from a Birthright Israel trip, will return to New York to work at "Nylon," a multi-platform media company and magazine that focuses on pop culture, fashion, technology and travel.

Korach 5776

This past week we witnessed the death of Elie Wiesel. After surviving Auschwitz Wiesel devoted his life to making sure the world never forgets the atrocities of the Holocaust. He extended that notion to include any genocide taking place around the world. He was also an ardent Zionist and promoted the cause of a Jewish State while acknowledging the aspirations of the Palestinians for their own country. It is fitting that in the week that I begin a sermon series on the power of words that I share with you an article about a tweet that Max Blumenthal, a blogger and senior writer for Alternet, sent out after learning of Wiesel’s death. It is a prime example of the power of words to hurt. In

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