“Make for yourself a rabbi, acquire for yourself a friend.”

This week I had the opportunity to attend the Rabbinical Assembly convention. Living in a city that hosts so many industry conventions, it was nice to be able to attend my own. For a host of reasons of which I will spare you the details, I have rarely attended my industry convention. But for the first time, I am glad I did. Every industry has issues that are unique to it. Doctors, lawyers, bankers, tradesmen of all kinds have certain things that only other doctors, other lawyers, other tradesmen can relate too. It is no different for rabbis. Getting together to share, commiserate, teach, learn and bond is more important than I even realized. Over the course of the convention we heard from sc

Mazel Tov Adam Kaufman

Adam Kaufman, son of Midbar Kodesh Temple members, Andrea and Sam Kaufman, will graduate with honors from UCLA on June 10, 2016, with a degree in Economics and Accounting. Adam's future plans are still pending. His brothers, Evan, Eric, and Josh, and grandparents, Bunnie and Jerry Roth, are proud of his achievements!

A letter to a potential "Nativer"

A letter to a potential Nativer, I hate running. Rather, I hated running. I used to dread having to run during every basketball practice and, the thought of going on a run sounded worse than getting a root canal. I really, truly, hated it. That is, until I came to Israel. To be completely frank, I only started to run so that I could stay in shape with all of the shawarma I knew I would be eating. I decided that I needed to sign up to run in the Jerusalem marathon. Signing up and committing to running the race would motivate me to run throughout my year here. So I went online and signed up to run the 10k, I wasn’t about to go full fledged marathon here. I bought new running shoes. I even got

Mazel Tov Haley Kaminsky

Haley Kaminsky will be graduating from Green Valley High School with honors June 7, 2016. She is the daughter of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Rhonda Kaminsky and Louis Kaminsky, sister to Cara, Jamie, and Morgan. During her high school years, her passion for photography grew becoming a mainstay in her curriculum every year. Haley participated in The Israel Club, The Photo Club, GVHS Class Committee and Skills USA. Haley was also a member of Teen MD (Teens Making a Difference) and a board member of Midbar Kodesh Temple’s USY. In the summer of 2015, Haley traveled to Italy and Israel with USY Pilgrimage, an unforgettable 6 week trip of a lifetime. In the fall, she will attend San Diego State

Midbar Kodesh USY Announces New Board

Pictured: Samantha Shire, Allison Stidham, Elizabeth Doctors, Sam Broth and Ari Tecktiel Midbar Kodesh Temple USY recently held elections for the 2016-17 school year. Ari Tecktiel and Sam Broth will serve as Co-Presidents and Elizabeth Doctors will be the Executive Vice President. Samantha Shire will take over the Social Action/Tikkun Olam (SATO) Vice President position and Allison Stidham will do outreach as the Membership/Kadima Vice President. Each of these students has been a member of MKT USY for several years, most coming up through the Kadima program. They also engage in formal post b'nei mitzvah classes in the Ma'ayan program, where they meet twice monthly with Rabbi Bradley Tec

Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel Announces "Summer Sermon Series" at Midbar Kodesh Temple

If there is anything this year’s primary election cycle has taught us, it is that words have a powerful effect on us. We teach children that, “sticks and stones will break our bones, but names will never harm us,” but as adults we realize the folly of that adage. Words can sometimes hurt even more than sticks and stones. Physical bruises can heal, reputations and emotions often cannot. Judaism puts a lot of emphasis on the power of the word. There are entire books written about Lashon Harah, evil tongue, gossip, and slander. What can Judaism teach us about changing the paradigm of today’s dialogue and communication? This summer in our summer sermon series we will focus on a book written by R

Making every day, every minute, every second count.

Today is the twenty third day of the Omer, which makes three weeks and two days of Omer. In this season we find ourselves in the midst of the command to count the Omer. The Omer was the sheave of the first barley that was harvested each spring and it was to be brought as an offering in the ancient Temple. But we are also told that we are to count fifty days from the time of the bringing of the Omer until Shavuot. That is it, just count each day leading up to Shavuot when the rest of the first fruits would be brought and we could begin baking bread made from the spring barley harvest. No reason is given for the counting but it is clear to me that by requiring this counting it forces us to

Midbar Kodesh Temple's Early Childhood Center celebrates IID

The children of Midbar Kodesh Temple's Early Childhood Center celebrated Israel's Independence Day, Yom Ha'atzmaaut, with flags and festivities. They sang Israeli songs and painted their own Israeli flags. The children learned that in Israel a two-minute siren is sounded all over the country, and families celebrate the day with picnics and parties and decorate their homes with flags. Yom Ha'atzmaaut is founded on the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel by the Jewish leadership headed by the then future Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948. The mood outside of Ben-Gurion's home, just prior to the declaration, was joyous. People were dancing in the street in cel

Mazel Tov Mitchell Ostrovsky

Mitchell Ostrovsky, son of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Joel and Julie Ostrovsky and brother to Sammi Ostrovsky, will be graduating from Sierra Vista High School in June. While in high school Mitch participated in job training programs on campus, with Goodwill, Opportunity Village and more recently at a local comic book store. Mitch spends time with his family at horse riding competitions and has volunteered at Spirit Therapies - Therapy on Horseback. He has participated in exhibition riding several times. Mitchell also enjoys time at Sports Social, which uses sports and art to enhance social skills for children and young adults of all ages and abilities. He has competed in the Sports Soc

Happy Birthday, Israel

Israel turns 68 this week. Think about that for a moment. The modern state of Israel has only been around for sixty-eight years. Many people reading this are old enough that they were listening to the radio broadcast on November 29, 1947 as the UN voted to partition Palestine into two states, one for the Jewish people and one for the Arab population. Many were around to read stories in the paper about the fateful day in May, 1948 when Ben Gurion declared Israel a state. It is hard to believe Israel is less than seventy years old. With our three thousand year connection to the land, sixty eight years is but a small ripple. What is even more amazing is what the tiny, modern country has accompl

Blood being spattered on the altar!

The importance of rituals and religious rites in our lives This week we find ourselves reading a section of the Torah that deals with a holiday that takes place at a completely different time of the year. Not unlike when we read the stories of the Exodus in January and February, we find ourselves this week reading about Yom Kippur. In Parshat Achrei Mot we read about the actual service that took place in the tabernacle and later in the Great Temple in Jerusalem on Yom Kippur. As you read about the pageantry of the ceremony, with the public drawing of lots to pick the scapegoat, and the detail of the sacrifices that are brought on this holy day, it is easy to get drawn into the ritual. One ca

Who's coming this Shabbas?

"Guess Who's Coming To Shabbas," a program that connects Midbar Kodesh Temple families to each other as they enjoy the Shabbat dinner experience, recently hosted their second dinner in member host homes. More than one dinner guest commented that though they knew all the guests at the table, they never had the opportunity to visit in a intimate setting. Chaired by Stuart and Sandy Stern the next program will be on June 3 with hopes that other Friday home hosted dinners will find it's way to the calendar in the Fall. These dinners compliment the Shabbat family dinners held at the synagogue several times per year, and the Religious School Shabbat dinners that the classes enjoy with their paren

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