Step up to do the right thing

"If you find yourself in a place where no one is stepping up to do the right thing, be the person that does" Ethic of Our Ancestors On the seventh day of Pesach we read the section of the Torah that tells the story of the splitting of the Red Sea. We will chant the Song of the Sea that Moses and the Israelites sang in praise and thanks for having been saved from the Egyptians. According the Midrash the Israelites owe their success in crossing the sea not to Moses, but to Nachshon Ben Aminadav. The rabbis teach that when Moses raised his hands to split the sea, no one moved forward. Everyone was afraid to step down into the dry seabed. They were frozen in fear of the Egyptians behind them

Midbar Kodesh Temple hosts community seder with record attendance

For the third straight year, Midbar Kodesh Temple, the Conservative synagogue in Henderson, hosted a community seder. This year’s seder featured delicious food, by famed chef Gustov Mauler, an interactive Haggadah reading and was attended by over 125 people representing forty families, and other guests, making this the largest seder in the synagogue’s history. In order to keep pricing down the seder was partially underwritten by the David L. Simon Foundation. “We owe our volunteers so much gratitude because they put this event together,” said Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel. Synagogue members including Elyse Greene, Janet Stein, Melissa Abeles and Fran Goldberg served on the planning committee, in

I am obsessed... with kitniyot

I am obsessed with kitniyot. It is probably the one thing I dwell on most regarding Passover. Forget the Exodus and slavery, ignore the ten plagues, disregard Moses and Pharaoh, no - what preoccupies me about Passover is kitniyot. Kitniyot, often translated as legumes, are all those things that aren’t Chametz, or leavened, but are still forbidden on Passover to Ashkenazi Jews. Rice, beans, alfalfa, mustard, even corn make the list. I could (and will on Shabbat morning) go into a long explanation here about why they are forbidden, but really when it comes down to it, it does not matter. In fact, the more explanations we try to use to justify why my Sephardic neighbors can enjoy peanut butter

MKT members do good deeds for Good Deeds Day

Social Action/Tikkun Olam (SATO) has been an important component of synagogue life at Midbar Kodesh Temple, and MKT members are always ready to give back to the community. Good Deeds Day, a community wide SATO program headed up by the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas and The Israeli American Committee, found MKT members out and about at different venues across the valley. Members had multiple projects in-house including packing bins for teens that age out of foster care and making sandwiches lunch bags for the Broken Chains Outreach Mission. During the week that ended on Good Deeds Day, four families of Family Promise were the guests of Midbar Kodesh Temple. This month, in honor of Passover we

Family Promise returned to MKT

Family Promise returned to Midbar Kodesh Temple earlier this month when several guest families spent each evening of the week at the synagogue. The guests enjoyed dinners and activities provided by the congregants and then spent the night in the building with a supervising volunteer. MKT member and beautician Gayle Prince provided hair cuts one evening. Another evening USYers entertained the families at a local park with games and a picnic dinner. MKT Katan advisor Rina Sterling and family did an art project with the guests. Early Childhood Center preschool teachers Ms. Val, Ms. Katie, and Ms. MaryAnn stayed after school and treated the women to manicures while the children enjoyed gett

MKT members receive yellow candles

Midbar Kodesh Temple members have received a yellow yarhzeit candle in the mail. The annual gift is sent to each member by MKT's Men's Club. The Yellow Candle project was created in 1981 by the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs in Canada and New England and since has been distributed by Men's Clubs throughout the world to help congregations remember the victims whose entire families had been destroyed during the Holocaust. The candle reminds all that while the world was thrown into darkness, God's light unto the nations flickered but did not die. The memorial candles, modeled after a traditional Jewish yahrzeit candle are made of yellow wax in remembrance of the yellow stars and yellow arm

Passover at MKT

A family friendly and interactive seder will be hosted by Midbar Kodesh Temple on Friday evening, April 22. The seder, to be conducted by Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel and Cantor Daniel Gale, is open to members and non-members with pre-paid reservations being taken on line at!passover/cdlu. Award winning Chef Gustav Mauler will prepare the Kosher for Passover meal. The cost is $45.00 per adult member, $55.00 per adult non-member and $20 per child age 12 and under. The seder at Midbar Kodesh Temple is underwritten in part by the David L. Simon Foundation. Passover services are open to the entire community at no charge and begin with the Siyyum Bichorot at 7:00 a.m. o

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